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Croatian Catholic priest Ivan Turic glorified the Nazi Ustasas during the commemoration of WWII murders of Ustasas in the village of Rascani while in an unrelated incident a Croatian civilian attacked a 73-year old ethnic Serb in the city of Sinj during the Catholic celebration of the Virgin Mary.

“In year 1941 Croatia was created by Croats with our Furor and Ustasas. Chetniks wanted to kill us so we wouldn’t exist. Tito and the partisans helped them in that. That’s why Chetniks killed our people [in Rascica] on today’s day 68 years ago,” said Turic whose Catholic title is Don and is seen among his flock below.


Maybe it is expected for a Catholic priest to distort history a little but it surely is not good to lie to his faithful flock: Ustasas were Hitler’s killers, Tito was Stalin’s killer and Chetniks were western minded guerrilla army that fought against them both.

Turic then goes even further telling tales that Hitler wanted to supposedly “wipe Croatia off the face of the Earth” but because of the Ustasa Leader, Ante Pavelic, Hitler decided not to.

Turic also gave praise to the Croatian organized crime syndicates saying that now all the loot goes to Croats and not the Serbs.

“Some say about privatization and theft. But I say God, thank you for our Croatian thieves. Because it was worse when all of it went to the thieves in Belgrade [Serbia],” said Turic.

Turic then glorified the Ustasa insignia and the uniform.

“[Croatian President] Josipovic says that the partisan hat is beautiful, but I am telling him that the Ustasa [hat] is more beautiful. They are making that hat for me today,” said Turic.

The Catholic priest also denied that the Croatian Nazi Ustasa committed that many atrocities.

“Less atrocities was committed under the Ustasa hat then under the partisan,” said Turic just after the Catholic Mass held in memory of the slain Nazi Ustasas in Rascica.

Turic also said that those who don’t like Croatia today should leave which leads us to the unrelated event that was in spirit of priest Turic.

A 39-year old Croatian Catholic attacked a 73 year old ethnic Serb in Sinj telling him to “Go to Belgrade, there is no place for you here”. The attack happened during the Catholic festivities related to the glory of the Virgin Mary.


During the beating of the 73 year old Peter S. the ethnic Croat, Ivan L. was shouting that he desires to “Fuck your Serbian and Chetniks mother” and went on to break the man’s hand.

Police has filed a criminal investigation against Ivan who, apparently, has gotten some really good spiritual teaching from the Croatian Catholic clergy.

That such behavior is not isolated, consider the spray painted Serbian Orthodox Church in Zadar pictured above. It is decorated with multiple U’s which stand for Ustasa and the Catholic cross in between. Not one among the Croatian Catholic clergy has condemned such desecration of Orthodox shrines.


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