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The oldest Christian Orthodox church in USA was destroyed in the demolition of the World Trade Center on 9/11. You never heard of that? Of course, nobody really cares about Christians, especially not Orthodox ones.

The Saint Nicholas church, completely destroyed at the attack, is not being rebuilt. Why - corrupted politicians use every trick of the trade not to issue permits and finish the bureaucratic nightmare. Of course, at the same time, Obama personally approved a 100 million $ muslim mosque to be built at the very place where the innocent people were killed. Symbolic? More than that. A slap in the face telling the living Christians: "Stop me if you can!". And nobody seems to be able to stop the completely corrupted world from destroying itself for the interests of the powerful "elite".

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By Celeste Katz

Amid the harsh words and hard feelings surrounding the proposed building of a mosque near Ground Zero, NY-1 Congressional hopeful George Demos is speaking out about the issue for the first time -- but he's coming at it in a slightly different way.

"On September 11, 2001, over 3,000 Americans, including 168 residents of our community in Suffolk County, were taken from us by the evil acts of Islamic extremists bent on destroying our freedoms.

"Amid the thick smoke and choking ashes of that fateful day, the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was reduced to dust," he said today.

The reconstruction of the church, crushed by the falling south tower, has been hampered by many delays since the attack, Demos noted, blaming the Port Authority for the holdup.

"What an outrage that our government has put roadblocks in the path of its own citizens trying rebuild their beloved Church destroyed by Islamic extremists, while Saudi Arabia, a nation that prohibits people from even wearing a Cross or the Star of David, now provokes the families of those who lost loved ones by apparently funneling money to build a mosque at the same location," he said.

The construction of the mosque, of course, has been a hot-button issue in the governor's race, where Republican Rick Lazio has repeatedly gone after Democrat Andrew Cuomo on the topic, even calling him an incompetent attorney general for not investigating the project's funding sources.

Cuomo has argued that like it or not, the mosque has a right to be there: "What are we about if not religious freedom?" he asked.

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