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Bosnian Serb Prime Minister, Milorad Dodik, said that Israel has expressed its full support and understanding of the Bosnian Serb Republic and its efforts to fully implement the Dayton Peace Accords that are to govern Bosnia. “We feel that Turkey desires to create a unitary and centralized Bosnia for one ethnic group only. We cannot accept such role of Turkey in Bosnia, especially because of its biased position,” said Dodik.

Turkey has been heightening its hostility towards Israel while several Bosnian Muslim nationals took part in the Turkish-sponsored Gaza-flottila that was raided by the Israeli forces earlier this year.

Dodik said that he explained to Israel that recent Bosnian anti-Israeli votes in the UN do not reflect the opinion of Bosnian Serbs whose foreign policy is constrained and dominated by Bosnian Muslims.

“How is it possible for Bosnia to vote against the interests of Serbs, first of all, when we are not seeking to vote for anything that would impede on the Israel’s security,” said Dodik.

Bosnia consists of three “constitutive” ethnic communities but Bosnian Muslims desire to dominate them.

Dodik invited Israeli investors to come to the Serb Republic.

“We told them to invest in Serb Republic, despite the crisis that dominates in all countries,” Dodik said.

The Prime Minister specified that Israel expressed its greatest understanding on the dangers of terrorism in Bosnia.

Earlier this year, Israel warned that Islamic terrorists are actively recruiting Bosnian Muslims and ethnic Albanians in the Balkans for terror. Israel also warned that the Balkans is the next area that Islamic terrorists have set their sights to.

Days ago, authorities in the Serb Republic have arrested 5 Islamic extremists of whom one was an ethnic Albanian. The arrested men had weapons and machetes used for Islamic ritual of beheading.

Dodik said that a visit by the Israeli delegation to the Serb Republic is possible because both sides have expressed desire to expand economic activities.

Dodik said that the Serb Republic and Israel will continue to cooperate and keep in contact on various diplomatic levels.

August 18, 2010

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