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Aug 16, 2010

There are 12 foreign secret services actively and aggressively working in Serbia. Their aim is to use their sources to put under their control Serbia’s political, military and economic establishment.

“In Serbia, there are 55 intelligence or security agencies from 40 countries worldwide that officially operate,” was the shocking revelation made at the official report by Serbia’s intelligence chief Sasa Vukadinovic.

Indeed, Serbia cooperates with the majority of these agents but that is no guarantee that these spies are covertly not working against the interests of official Belgrade.

Predrag Zeljkovic, Milutin Radanovic and Igor Jocanac were arrested on the road Pristina-Caglavica charging them of a BIA conspiracy to “spread lies” about Kosovo Albanian organ trafficking. After threats of long jail sentences and fines of up to 250,000 Euroes, EULEX released the Serbs.

Of the 35 different spies that have recently been identified to operate in Serbia, 6 of them worked for the Croatian secret service SOA.

Serbia’s former secret agent Branko Veljkovic was suspended in October of 2008 for passing on secret documents.

“Secret services of foreign countries are active in Serbia for at least a decade now, first of all out of their own interests which is to destabilize Serbia, second to distance official Belgrade from Russia and thirdly, to get Serbia close to EU and NATO,” says Milan Petkovic, former top spy inside Serbia.

Petkovic believes that 12 foreign secret services are very aggressive inside Serbia.

Petkovic says that, since WWII, foreign secret service agencies have already built certain specialty centers inside Serbia.

“Germans inside Vojvodina and Kosovo, Americans, English and Russians in Belgrade, Italians in Kosovo and Sandzak, and Bulgarians and Albanians across the entire south of Serbia,” says Petkovic.

He notes that Islamic agents are also very active inside Serbia which brings in Bosnian Muslim, Croatian and Israeli spies in the region. Their method of operation has become very aggressive ever since Serbia became an ally with the western states.

The next wave of aggressive spying in Serbia comes from Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia whose spies are assessing the possibility of carving out more land in the Balkans for creation of an expanded Albanian state.

“In the territory of Kosovo and Metohia, for the last 10 years, function three large secret services – the American CIA, German BND and Austrian HNA – all in support of the Albanian secessionists,” says Jürgen Elsässer, journalist and author on Balkan wars.

Elsässer says that the main conduits between these secret services and the Albanian armed gangs on the ground have been Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha and Albanian emigrant Bujar Bukoshi.

“That movie is repeating again,” says Elsässer.

Currently, sources say, an assessment is being made for a formation of a so-called Ethnic Albania (Shqipëria e Madhe) or Natural Albania (Shqipërisë natyrale) which is just a renamed Albanian nationalist idea of land confiscation in the Balkans.

The Ethnic Albania platform that was officially penned by the Albanian extremist Koco Danaj outlines phases in its formation with the first one, independence of Kosovo as nearly achieved.

“Second phase is formation of the confederation of Albania-Kosovo and a right to a referendum, while demanding federalization of Macedonia and demanding that Greece recognizes its genocide of Albanians in the Cham,” says the Ethnic Albania platform.

Albania’s parliamentary member, Dashamir Tahiri, from the Party for Justice and Integration whose objective is to lobby for the separation of the Cham region from Greece, has already met with the US Vice-President Joe Biden and the officials at the State Department in order “to find a just and dignified solution for this part of the Albanians”.

According to Europol, Tahiri was one of the first Albanian organized mafia bosses to set up human trafficking boats from Vlora to Italy. Since 1991, Tahiri is known in Vlora area as “dashi i Havas” and before becoming the parliamentary member, Tahiri was on a black-list of criminals compiled by the former Albanian President Alfred Moisiu

Still, members of the Senate and Congress met Tahiri and told him that they support reaching a solution for Cham which has been, US officials say, “suffering” for the 65 years under Greek oppression.

Along with former NATO General Wesley Clark who bombed Serbia over Kosovo and has been fundraising money from various other shady Albanian activists, Congressmen Stanley Hoyer and Alcee Hastings both “promised [to Tahiri] Cham influence of his colleagues in Congress to undertake the drafting of a resolution for Camerine”.

While US is being lobbied to put its full weight behind the idea of the so-called Natural Albania, CIA has converted the non-Albanian secret services of Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Bulgaria as “sister services”. Bulgarian media itself admits that their intelligence office, the BSS, is the “FBI from Sofia”.

Petkovic says that BSS is the most aggressive spying network for the CIA inside Serbia and that uses its Orthodox Christian and Slavic affinity in order to recruit ethnic Serbs to spy on their own country and to collect top secret information and pass it on to the CIA office in Sofia.

During the NATO war on Serbia in 1999, Bulgarian spies have infiltrated, both the Yugoslav Army and the Albanian gunmen, while other Bulgarian spies were used to point lasers at buildings inside Serbia in order to make them visible targets for NATO air raids.

Serbian President Boris Tadic (L) shakes hands with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov after their news conference in the city of Varna, some 450km (280 miles) northeast of Sofia August 6, 2010.

“The objective of the CIA agents in Serbia is to establish total control of people from the Serbian political establishment, to influence the decisions of the government and the Parliament and support the work of certain political parties and their leaders,” says Petkovic.

Sources say that US overtly expresses its gratitude for these Serbian recruits by inviting them to various political functions in the US like political conventions or prayer breakfasts with the President. Serbian politicians like Ivica Dacic, Rasim Ljajic and Vuk Draskovic were invited to take part in this year’s Prayer Breakfast. Draskovic has recently called on Serbs to recognize Kosovo.

“CIA wants to have their own people in BIA, VBA and Army of Serbia and to be able to cause chaos in Belgrade in case Serbia turns against interests of the US,” says Petkovic.

Proliferation of so-called NGOs inside Serbia is a more overt sign of the CIAs spying networks and certain TV programs in Serbia are ran like a “tribunal” that denounces any leader as “enemy” if not conformist to the ideas of these NGOs.

In Montenegro, the Prime Minister was warned by these networks that Islamic extremists would be unleashed on that small little state if he refused to recognize Kosovo. Similar message was sent to Macedonia which itself is target for dismemberment by the Albanian separatists.

Following the removal of Slobodan Milosevic, one of the first orders of business that the US Embassy in Belgrade did is to plan a new building for itself in the exclusive Belgrade suburb of Dedinje.

However, the old building located inside the urban center of the city will be converted into a CIA center for the southeastern Europe. The existing office will be moved from Sofia, Bulgaria, to Belgrade. The building, which already expanded into property of Hemofarm, is also planned as a Command Center for the southeastern wing of the NATO forces.

The building will host electronic monitors capable of spying on any satellite, internet or voice transmission in Serbia and the region.

BIA agents have also recently visited Washington where they shared discs with intelligence information that has until recently been deemed as Serbia’s top security.

Irrespective of the outcome of Kosovo, US intelligence service has taken an initiative, and their Serbian counterparts have reciprocated, in taking an intelligence lead in the Balkans by leveraging Serbia’s destabilized situation.

Marko Lopušina is a journalist for the Serbian daily Vecernje Novisti and an author of several dozen books. He is a regular contributor for

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