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Serbia Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic told the CNN that ‘Kosovo is an issue that has divided members of the UN, EU and NATO’ so ‘the mutually acceptable solution is the only way to solve that problem’. Jeremic also said yesterday that ‘official Belgrade is ready for open dialog with provisional institutions of autonomy in Pristina’ and that ‘Belgrade shall not say ‘no’ to any solution for Kosovo and Metohija’.

‘Our only ‘no’ is to unilaterally proclaimed independence’, Minister Jeremic told Fareed Zakaria the host of the ‘GPS’ program on the CNN.

Reminding that two thirds of the world do not recognize Kosovo as an independent state, Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic pointed out that ’the status of the province is an issue causing divisions within the UN, EU and NATO’ and that the only solution for this disagreement to be overcome ‘is finding of mutually acceptable solution’.

Jeremic reminded that ‘Serbian Government is dedicated to finding a solution for the Kosovo status peacefully using diplomacy, political and legal means’. He explained the reason why unilaterally proclaimed independence should not be recognized. ‘That would be a precedent in the so far history of the UN that a seceded territory gets sovereignty without agreement by the mother country. If that happens with Kosovo, the same can happen tomorrow anywhere in the world. We are not fighting for our constitutional right only but to prevent that precedent happen as well’, Jeremic said.

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