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Montenegro’s heir to the famous Njegos dynasty, Nikola II, recently demanded that Serbia’s Karadjordjevic dynasty apologize to him for snubbing his royal family out of a throne in the early 1900s. “I have always considered that a public apology from the Karadjordjevic dynasty to the Petrovic Njegos for their undignified behavior of their ancestors against our family in 1918 would be a dignified gesture on their behalf,” said Nikola II Petrovic Njegos. Nikola II, an architect in Paris, adds that the gesture would “allow for a historical reconciliation” but added that the “name of Petrovic Njegos belongs [not to Serbs but] to the Montenegrins”.


                                             Prince Nikola II. Petrović

The grudge is that Petrovic dynasty is older then the Karadjordjevic one and that they were played a rough shot because the Petrovic line, as the oldest Serbian nobility, had legitimacy to rule all Serbs.

Karadjordjevic’s would have none of it!

“It is true that King Nikola did not recognize the unification believing that he was the one that was to be the King of the unified state. Those are historical facts!,” said the spokesman for the Karadjordjevic’s adding that “I believe that Prince Nikola can do his ancestry, descendants and contemporaries a favor if he first thought before he spoke,” said Dragomir Acovic, the Karadjordjevic spokesman.

Montenegrin Kingdom is the only kingdom left out of the Serbian Empire decimated by the onslaught of Muslim Turks into Europe that were stopped by Serbs in Kosovo. Serbian traditional hat (see right), not shajkacha, worn by montenegrins, is still encircled by a black tape in memory of the Kosovo defeat.

Despite the tradition, Montenegro, today, will have none of that.

The parliament voted to replace their own mother tongue, which is Serbian, with the so-called “montenegrin” language. A so-called and canonically illegitimate “montenegrin” Orthodox Church, like the illegal so-called “macedonian” Orthodox Church, is not far behind being anointed as the official state religion.

Today, we also hear that the Montenegrin Prince Nikola Petrovic II has been awarded 300,000 Euros as an annual stipend for being a heir to the Montenegro throne. Since we are half way into this year, he’ll get half that immediately.

These decisions come after Montenegro recognized Kosovo as an independent Muslim state.

Many in Serbia deride all of the current problems Serbia is having on the so-called “Montenegrin Conspiracy” pointing that all of the leaders that have led Serbia into disasters since communists took over in 1945 are of the Montenegrin origin.

They point, for example, to the Montenegrin Milovan Djilas, a rabid communist and a close compadre to the communist dictator Tito, admited in one of his books that he used to fantasize with his posse how great would it be if the property of local Muslims would be taken over by the communist state he fantasized to create. Djilas also supported the policy that Kosovo Serbs should not be returned after Muslim Albanians emptied Kosovo out of them in WWII. Djilas’ descendant is the Mayor of Serbias’s capitol Belgrade while all of the offspring are a “somebody” in the ruling elite in today’s Serbia.

No one in Montenegro, now-a-days, mentions the WWII freedom fighter Pavle Djurisic who stood up to the fascist Italians, Nazis, murderous communists and other tyrants seeking dominion in the Balkans. Djurisic, the hero, is banned in today’s Montenegro.

Milosevic, Karadzic are but some of the “montenegrins” that ruled the very top of Serbia and led Serbs into defeats.

Today’s Serbia’s President, Boris Tadic, is just another “montenegrin” ruling over Serbs as he went, recently, to make his tribal vows to Montenegro.

A source tells me that such issues lead many Serbians to conclude that the montenegrins are “conditional Serbs”… Serbs so long as they can rule over Serbians in order to wreck them.

Serbia’s controversial prophet, Mitar Tarabic, spoke of events such as these saying that the “Serbs will separate from each other, and they will say: ‘I am not a Serb, I am not a Serb.’”

Tarabic attributes that to “the unholy one” who “will infiltrate this nation and bed with Serbian sisters, mothers and wives. He will sire such children that among the Serbs, since the beginning of the world, these will be the worst of offspring. Only weaklings will be born, and nobody will be strong enough to give a birth to a real hero.”

Tarabic then warns that “At one time we [Serbs] shall disappear from this land of ours. We shall go to the north, and then realizing our stupid deed we shall return. When we come back, we shall wise up and chase away the unholy one, not to see him, in God’s name, ever again.”

Experience may indeed be the only prophecy to attest to but the intrigue of nobility is a slope for the plebeians upon which they slip away from all the wonders of reality.

Responses to “The “Montenegrin Conspiracy””

Montenegrins are Serbs, and all Serbs are under foreign occupation.

Stop stereotyping and stating outright lies. The “prince” Nicholas Petrovic is half French, half Serbian and labeled him self a “Roman Catholic Yugoslav” before the breakup of Yugoslavia. Hence, he has nothing to do with Montenegro, nor does he know Montenegrin history or anything else for that matter. All of his ancestors were extreme and staunch Serbian nationalists, and they indeed did deserve to rule a unified Serbian state because they were better than the Karadjordjevics in every possible way.

BTW, the majority of Montenegrins consider themselves Serbs, even today, despite insurmountable odds posed by 65 years of communist propaganda and now from the US-NATO puppet government. There is only one church in Montenegro, and the so-called “montenegrin church” is nothing more than a media-propaganda stunt.

Does the genius who wrote this article take a moment to consider that all Serbian lands are occupied and without real leaders?

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