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22.09.2013. / ree-Akademediasrbija

Chief of the EULEX Kosovo Mission Bernd Borhart expressed gratitude to everyone who condemned the murder of a member of the mission near Zvecan, and underscored that the authorities are working hard to find the individuals responsible for the incident.

 Borhart expressed gratitude to all private and public support and condolences which the mission received over the last few days after the murder of Audrius Senavicius.

In the release, Borhart stated that officials fiercely condemned the cowardly act and that EULEX received letters from the citizens of Kosovo, Serbia and worldwide who expressed their condolences and support.

As a mission, we mourn the loss of our dear colleague, Borhart said and added that it is encouraging to see just how many people grieve with EULEX.

The EULEX chief noted that at this difficult moment, the mission sympathises with Audrius' family and friends.

EULEX efforts are focusing on the location and persecution of the individuals responsible for this incident, Borhart said and added that the investigation into the murder is underway.

Unidentified individuals shot at two EULEX vehicles with six mission members near Zvecan on September 19, and Senavicius died of the wounds he received in the incident.

/  Tanjug /


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