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10.08.2013. / Akademediasrbija

Ivana Mastilović Jasnić

Sinisa Mali, Economy Advisor to Aleksandar Vucic, the First Deputy Prime Minister talked in Paris on Tuesday with former first executive of the IMF and former French minister of finance Dominique Strauss-Kahn about his engagement in Serbia, Blic learns.

 The French expert said to be interested in the offer and is expected to send a preliminary working plan soon.

Serbia Government is increasingly closer to bringing Strauss-Kahn to a post of an advisor. The matter has really gone far since the former first man of the IMF is to meet personally with the First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic as early as tomorrow.

‘Strauss-Kahn is expected to give his advices regarding reconstruction of Serbian public finances and public debt as a part of them. By his experience he is also expected to tell what we should do to boost economic growth’, Blic well informed source said.

Expectations by the First Deputy Prime Minister and his advisors are big since, as our source says, Strauss-Kahn has huge experience in the same or similar jobs. It is also well known fact that during his mandate as the French minister of finance more than 300,000 people were employed. He could also help us in getting a new arrangement with the IMF.

‘Strauss-Kahn is interested to come to Serbia. Sinisa Mali acquainted him with the goals of Serbia. Strauss-Kahn is expected to send within a week or so a preliminary proposal of what he would do and that program would be in force for the following three years at least’, our source says.

‘His salary was not talked about. That shall be a topic during some of the next meetings when detailed agreement is reached. If the agreement is reached it is certain that Strauss-Kahn would bring with him ten to fifteen of his people’, Blic source said.

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