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14.07.2013. / ree-Akademediasrbija
J. Author: J. Diković Diković

Safet Hegazi is known as a radical Islamist and a great supporter of Mursijev

  A man who was behind the attack on the Egyptian military in front of the building of the elite Republican Guard, where he was detained ousted President Mohamed Mursi, Safet Hegazy, an Islamic preacher and one of the main lobbyists of K in Egypt Today has learned from diplomatic sources.

Over Hegazija Kosovo Albanians lobbied strongly for the recognition of Kosovo in Islamist circles. He also received all Kosovo Albanian delegation which visited Egypt, including Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj. Hegazy, who is known as a radical Islamist and a Mursijev supporters, was in Kosovo in October 2011, together with representatives of Egyptian parties, civil society and the media.
How then transferred Pristina media, in a speech Hegazi said that there was "a great sense of friendship between the peoples of Egypt and Kosovo, which has deep roots and a long history."  Members of the Egyptian delegation at the time expressed the desire of the political forces in Cairo as soon as possible to recognize the independence of Kosovo.

Given the fact that the main initiators of Egypt's recognition of Kosovo were gathered around Murcia and most of them are now in custody or are "candidates for detention," such as Hegazija, our sources believe that Pristina is now much more difficult to communicate with the new government in Cairo given their current open and relying solely on the Islamists.  As posted earlier today, the recognition of Kosovo was one of the last Mursijevih decision before the beginning of July was ousted from power.
Safet Hegazi, born in 1963, is a self-proclaimed imam and preacher of the television, which the UK has banned from entering the country for inciting hatred and glorifying terrorist violence. Except for insulting Jews, Hegazi is known for insults against women who do not cover their faces.

Interim President of Egypt Adli Mansur, set after the military coup, issued a decree that a new government committed to at least to begin in 2014. schedule parliamentary elections. Mansur decree issued before yesterday, just hours after the conflicts of soldiers and police on the one hand, and Islamists protesting the ouster of Murcia, on the other, killing more than 50 people. Egyptian state news agency Mena reported that Mansour issued a decree stating that the elections will be announced later this year, held early next year, after which it will be published the date of the presidential election.  It is alleged, too, that will decide on a new constitution in a referendum. 
 Mansur has ordered an investigation into the clashes on Monday.

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