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Juli 2010 Source: Tanjug

BELGRADE — Interior Minister Ivica Dačič said that the decision of an EULEX judge to release terrorism suspect Bajram Aslani from custody is surprising and condemnable. He is wanted in Serbia and America for involvement in the planning of terrorist attacks in America, Kosovo and other locations.

Dačič said that Serbia expects that the international presence in Kosovo will take into consideration the demands of the Serbian courts and that it will also respect the American demands for processing Aslani, as one of the leaders of an extremist radical Islamic group in the province.

He added that Aslani’s released “can point to the fact that there are suspicions of some double standards for members of Albanian radical groups.”

Aslani is also suspected of planning terrorist attacks in Jordan and the Gaza Strip.

Dačič said that operative information of the Serbian police shows that Aslani came into the possession of plastic explosives in Bosnia last year, which were taken to Kosovo, adding that the explosives were planned to be used in a terrorist attack in central Serbia.

“Operative information of our police also shows that Aslani is still a member of the Wahhabi movement and that he was in close relations and ties with known radical Islamists on the territory of Novi Pazar and Sjenica,” Dačič said.

Dačič also said that there is information pointing to the fact that Aslani had organized a Wahhabi camp that was uncovered in a police action in March 2007.


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