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The Fazotron-Ukraina company has begun development of a new generation radar for the MiG-29 fighter ordered by the national air force.
According to the enterprise's general director, Sergey Gumennyy, the new equipment will approximate the best radar in the CIS, the "Zhuk-M," in its performance.

The system, which as received the designation N-019-U2, will have increase detection range and track up to 10 airborne targets. It will be able to distinguish objects not only in the air, but also on the surface ((sic)) in a radar mapping mode and to detect, track and attack ground and surface targets. At the present time the enterprise has completed creation of the N-019-U1 previous generation radar for the MiG-29 fighter within the framework of a project for the upgrade of the Ukrainian air force's aircraft fleet, ITAR-TASS specified.

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