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Slobodan M. Maricic


Born: Belgrade 1944.

Finished high school, than graduated at the Faculty of law in Belgrade in 1970. Studied philosophy. After specialization in 1975, passed a state exam for the license to work in foreign affairs for state institutions.

Yura work Experience:
1966.  Started a business carrier, as an employee in Yugoslav building center (JBC) in Belgrade.
In 1973. From the position of the JBC secretary, goes to the position secretary of the Ljubljanska bank in Belgrade.
Since 1976. Director of legal and general affaires in the Ljubljanska bank, Belgrade.
Since 1980-1984. Chief of the Ljubljanska bank Information office Hamburg.
Since 1986-1992. Chief of the Ljubljanska bank representative office in Germany, Frankfurt/Main.

Summary of professional work in journalism and publishing:
Since 1975.  correspondent  (primarily economic column) of “Ekonomska Politika” Belgrade, “Vjesnik” Zagreb, “Oslobodjenje”, Sarajevo “Delo” Ljubljana, “Borba” Belgrade etc.
In 1977. Was the editor of “Ljubljanska bank” economic magazine.
Since 1980 – 1984. Correspondent from Germany an Ekonomska politika” Belgrade weekly economic magazine.
1992. Founder  and editor  of Royal news  magazine in Belgrade
Since 1996. is correspondent for Tiker news agency Belgrade, and since 1998 director and editor-in-chief.
Published several hundreds of articles in daily and periodical newspapers, numerous bulletins: “NIN”, “DUGA”, “INTERVJU”, “NASA BORBA”, NEDELJNI TELEGRAF”, “DANAS”, Magazine for the history and  literature issues “Stremljenja” Pristina, Magazine for finance theory and practice “FINANSIJE” Belgrade and was “ Radio Belgrade” Program I. from Abroad  Correspondent from Germany etc.
Since 1994. published 7 books, and in 1995 the Study on History of German national minority in Yugoslavia .

Since 1979.,  a member of the Professional Journalist Association of Serbia
In 1979., a member for media affaires of the Organization Committee of the Regular annual conference of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, held in Belgrade.
Since 1984., a member of the Advertising Association of Serbia
In 1984., a member  for media affaires of the Organization Board of the 26. Regular Congress of the “FOREX” - “Association Cambist International”.
In 1987., was one of the founders of the Yugoslav literature workshop”, and in 1988 one of the five founders of Serbian culture Forum” in Frankfurt/ Main, one of the most prestigious association of intellectuals in Serbian Diaspora’s in Europe.
In 1989., a team’ member of the project of publishing first private newspaper in Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe after the Second World War - “Private economy” – Pancevo.
Since 1990 – 1995., was a secretary and private consultant of his Royal Highness Prince Tomislav Karadjordjevic of Yugoslavia.
1997-2007.  Adviser and market research manager in Serbia and Montenegro for Wella AG Co. Germany,
1997. Project Manager or Market Research Advisor for several companies (Wella AG, Beiersdorf AG and Royal Dutch cosmetic’s Co.).
Since 2000 – 2001., a member of Expert group for making of a Proposal for Information (Media) Law and Draft of Broadcasting Act of Serbia.
Since 2001 2003. President the Association of journalist and media Serbian Diaspora.
1998 – 2004. Editor-in-chief of Tiker news agency, the first private and independent news agency in ex-Yugoslavia.
2004. A consultant of Belgrade’s Ethno-museum as expert for antiquated German’s books and paper’s.

Specialties / Interests:
Contemporary history of relations Germany and Kingdom of Serbia/ Yugoslavia.
German national minority in Yugoslavia and on the Balkan. Royal family Karadjordjevic.
Anthropology, Parapsychology, Serbian national question



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