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12.02.2012. / ree-Akademediasrbija

State Prosecutor for Organised Crime Miljko Radisavljevic expressed expectation that the four Serbian citizens charged with crimes who were arrested in Spain should be soon extradited to Serbia.

Noting that the Serbian Justice Ministry would file an extradition request to Spain, Radisavljevic stated in an interview for the Sunday edition of the Belgrade-based daily Blic that when deciding on extradition requests, Spanish authorities would take into account the citizenship and the gravity of the crimes. This is why Radisavljevic believes that Serbia will have the upper hand over other countries in the adoption of the decision as to which country Luka Bojovic, Vladimir Milisavljevic,

Vladimir Mijanovic and Sinisa Petric would be extradited to.

According to Radisavljevic's sources, the four individuals arrested on Thursday are suspected of crimes committed in Spain and the Netherlands as well, but the prosecutor believes that they would be extradited to Serbia because of the severity of the crimes they committed in the country.

He believes that in case proceedings against four suspects are launched in Spain, the transfer of trial to Serbia is also a possibility.

Bojovic has been tried in absentia by the Special Court in Belgrade for attempted murder of Andrija Draskovic and Zoran Nedovic in 2004, and for the murder of their two bodyguards.

Milisavljevic is known as one of the closest associates of late head of the Zemun criminal group Dusan Spasojevic. Milisavljevic was sentenced in absentia to maximum 40 years in prison for the crimes he committed as a member of the criminal ring, and to 35 years of imprisonment for the involvement in the assassination of prime minister Zoran Djindjic.

According to Belgrade's media, Petric is the main assassin of Bojovic's clan. He had been previously sentenced to death as a member of a gang gathered around the most vicious killer in Serbia, Marinko Magda, but he somehow managed to escape from prison.

/ Source : Radio Srbija /

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