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05.02.2012. / ree-Akademediasrbija

Serbia's President Boris Tadic has said that his duty is not only to have talks with the officials of Kosovo Albanians, which will be held “sooner or later”, but also to convince great powers that his four-point plan for Kosovo is realistic.

"Anything that Albanians in Kosovo and Serbs in Belgrade agree can only be implemented if great powers agree to it," he said on Mount Jahorina (Bosnia-Herzegovina) in an interview for Al Jazeera, which the TV network broadcast late Friday.

The Serbian president explained that his plan implies recognition of reality and calls for a solution first because "the partition of Kosovo is impossible since the great powers do not want that," but also because there is evidently a problem in northern Kosovo which neither Pristina nor the international community can solve.

"The plan has been presented in more or less every capital in which international politics is created. The response is not positive but it's not negative either. This is the first time that an answer to a proposal from Belgrade is not negative, and we will see whether it will be positive,” he added.

Tadic said that there are many interesting solutions for Kosovo, such as Northern Ireland, South Tyrol, the Aland Islands, and that what is useful from all those solutions should be used, but, however, added that only one solution which could be implemented for northern Kosovo has to be found.

When asked whether he will agree for the so-called parallel institutions in northern Kosovo to be abolished in case this is an official condition for the country's progress on its EU path, Tadic said: "Certainly not," asking what the parallel institutions are.

"Who can abolish school and health systems, and bear the responsibility for that? Should children not go to school? Which schools should they go to? To the newly created Pristina's? Who will impose on the Serb children or their parents to send them to those schools, and what procedure will make that happen? Will someone explain me that", Tadic asked.

He said that "we need to look at the reality in order to find practical solutions" and that the citizens need to understand that problems "could not be solved over night".

“We cannot live in a frozen conflict because this conflict will escalate sooner or later and people will lose lives again at some barricades or who knows where, just like we cannot continue to live in the present circumstances where there is a low intensity conflict. We need to find a solution instead,” the president stressed.

/ Source : Tanjug /

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