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05.02.2012. / ree-Akademediasrbija

Matica srpska and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, together with the Zavod za udžbenike publishing house, have just published the second book of the first volume of the Serbian Encyclopaedia, which led to the presentation of the first two books of the first volume (entries under A and B) of the Encyclopaedia. The presentation was attended, among others, by Serbian Patriarch Irinej, eminent members of the Academy, scientists and scholars. More from Dušica Maticki.

In the preface to the Encyclopaedia, it is emphasized that the book represents a turning-point in the Serbian culture as the Serbs are about to obtain a comprehensive, reliable, ten-volume encyclopaedia of Serbian scholarship in numerous disciplines. The president of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Nikola Hajdin, said that the book was a general encyclopaedia of the Serbian people and lands in the past and present and represented an identity card of Serbia. The main goal of this book is the collection, systematization and encyclopaedic interpretation of the overall historical development and current position of the Serbian people. The publication presents the cultural and historical heritage of the Serbs and describes its contribution to the European and world culture and civilization, emphasized Hajdin.

Đorđe Zloković, a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, says that subjects in natural and technical sciences have been treated in a specific way in terms of conception and content, with a view to presenting Serbian science and scientists in the context of global science. This objective has been achieved by inserting short chapters dedicated to world science in the text, he says. Much effort has been invested in order that the texts in this book be precise and interesting.

Prof. Darko Tanasković sees the first volume of the Encyclopaedia as the foundation stone of a Serbian Acropolis, at the foot of which we are currently situated. According to him, it may not be such a bad thing that Serbs are so late in writing an encyclopaedia of their own as they have undergone experiences that can be very useful and have made mistakes to be avoided.

The Serbian Encyclopaedia describes the natural characteristics of the regions in which the Serbs live and the specific geographic features, climate, flora and fauna of those regions. With a rational and critical approach to the entire cultural heritage, the achievements of all the sciences and arts and technical and technological development, it provides the real historical picture of the achievements, values and significance of Serbia for future generations.

The editorial board of the Serbian Encyclopaedia is represented by 24 members. The board was formed by Matica srpska and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and 114 people from 33 departments, as well as 694 authors, were engaged in work on this book. Next year, the second volume of the Serbian Encyclopaedia will be published.

The biographical entries in the Serbian Encyclopaedia were preceded by the Serbian Biographical Dictionary, published by Matica srpska, and an edition entitled Life and Work of Serbian Scientists, published by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

/ Source : Radio Srbija /

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