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08.01.2012. / Akademediasrbija

Deputy leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Aleksandar Vucic is convinced the coming election will be a referendum for or against the Democratic Party's (DS) continued stay in power, and that his party will score a convincing victory.

"There will be two blocks at the election, one broad popular movement headed by us, which will be a movement for change, which will seek a different government and is against the current state of affairs, and those who want to keep the current state of affairs and who tell us we are living well - they will be headed by the DS," Vucic said, estimating that around 60 percent of the electorate will cast a vote in the election.

According to him, the SNS is the strongest political party in Serbia right now, and the people will go to the polls in large numbers to vote against the government personified by the DS. He refused to speculate on coalitions which could be formed after the election, reminding that previous elections show surprising twists are possible on the Serbian political scene.

Asked about the possibility of the SNS forming a coalition with the DS or the Socialist Party of Serbia after the election, Vucic said this would be betraying the trust of SNS voters. He confirmed the SNS will appear on the ballot in a coalition with New Serbia, the Power of Serbia Movement and the Socialist Movement, but could not specify who else would be in the block, since talks with numerous individuals, citizens associations and unions are ongoing.

Commenting on the process of resolving the Kosovo issue, Vucic said the SNS is aware any solution will be difficult and painful, which is precisely why there should be the broadest consensus possible in the country.

In his opinion, a more open and less party-defined policy could result in a solution which would satisfy Serb interests in Kosovo to an extent, as well as guarantee continued European integration.

"These are not two parallel paths, but I would not call them one and the same path either. They are correlated, which means we have our interests in Kosovo, which we must protect, but for the future of the people of Serbia, above all for the economy and jobs, we need to move towards the EU," Vucic said.

/ Tanjug /

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