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December 25th.2011. / Akademediasrbija

Head of Pristina's negotiating team Edita Tahiri stated that five EU members which have not recognised Kosovo yet would do so in the time to come. To support this point, she noted that the five countries voted in favour of Kosovo at the latest EU summit which brought Kosovo closer to the EU.

She expressed certainty that the five EU countries which have not recognised Serbia's independence would do so in the time to come, Tahiri said in an interview for the Sunday edition of Turkish daily Zaman.

Tahiri accused Serbia of playing a double game when trying to create an impression in the EU that it nurtures a pro-European orientation while at the same time sending a message to Serbs in Kosovo that they should not respect the agreements reached in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue.

Tahiri qualified as play pretend Belgrade's attitude in the dialogue with Pristina under the auspices of the EU.

When asked whether she believes Serbia intended to use the talks with Pristina to join the EU, Tahiri gave an affirmative answer.

The Pristina official claims that Serbia is violating the provisions of UNSC Resolution 1244 by maintaining parallel institutions in northern Kosovo.

As for Russia's role in resolving problems in the region and Kosovo, Tahiri said that the time of Russia's dominance in the Balkans has come to an end and that after the Cold War, the Balkans opened an era of self-determination, democratisation and Euro-Atlantic integration.

/ Tanjug /

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