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December 12, 2011. / Akademediasrbija

EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule said that there is a sound basis that will enable Serbia to become an EU member candidate "very soon", adding that "everything is in the hands of Serbia now ".

"The European Commission will help Serbia on its integration course as much as possible," Fule stated for the online edition of the "Blic" Daily, after the European Council put off their decision on Serbia’s candidacy for March next year. He said he respects the Council’s decision and that, although there are differences of opinion, the most important is for Serbia to realize that many positive things happened in Serbia in recent days, but "there was not enough time to convince the member states”. It is important that Serbia has received a confirmation from the highest level for its cooperation with The Hague, fulfillment of the Copenhagen criteria and an extremely important role in the reconciliation process in the West Balkans. This is a solid basis that will enable Serbia to get the candidate status very soon,” Fule concluded.


December 12, 2011. / Akademediasrbija

Head of the Belgrade negotiating team with Pristina Borislav Stefanovic said that Serbia cannot give up on Resolution 1244, stressing that Kosovo rejects it in order to present itself as an independent state. Stefanovic said that the UN Security Council Resolution 1244 is part of international law and our constitutional system, which is why Serbia cannot give up on it. "It is obvious that Pristina is supported by those who have supported Kosovo’s self-proclamation of independence, but the international community will need to apply a neutral, an appropriate position on both sides and thus influence Pristina to give a little more in the negotiations," Stefanovic said. He stated for the "Blic" Daily that a new condition for Serbia to acquire a candidate status, which calls for giving up on the regional representation of Kosovo under the label of Resolution 1244, was requested by Pristina and "a few states that assessed that this is a good time to invalidate the resolution." He considers this a serious political issue, because the resolution, which is a matter of international law, shows that the status of Kosovo is not resolved. By accepting this condition, "Serbian would lose the last trump card in negotiations," Stefanovic said.


December 12, 2011. / Akademediasrbija

European Parliament Rapporteur for Serbia Jelko Kacin said that the EU has not set any new conditions before Serbia. The Union requested of Serbia to prove "it through actions, not through words", before it gets a candidate status. "If Serbia at some point decided to suspend the dialogue with Pristina and needed months to get back into the process, it is unrealistic to expect that Serbia will regain full credibility within a few weeks. This is why Serbian was given a possibility to strengthen its credibility in the next few months," Kacin said for the "Dnevnik" Daily. He added that no EU politician has ever asked Serbia to recognize Kosovo. "I think that, instead of recognition of Kosovo's independence, Serbia would first have to admit that Serbs in Kosovo are part of the solution, that they participated in the local elections, they have 14 deputies in the Kosovo Assembly and three ministers in the Cabinet of Hashim Thaci," Kacin said. He also reminded that at the same time, barricades are set in the north of Kosovo are protesters attacked international forces that also include troops from the EU member states. According to him, normalization of relations with Kosovo is a necessary precondition for Belgrade’s faster progress towards the EU, as no West Balkan country will have access to the EU membership without the full regional cooperation and stability. Kacin assessed that Serbia always makes the same mistake. "Serbia undertakes political changes in the last minute, makes minimal progress and also dramatizes that all this will have catastrophic consequences in the region if Serbia’s expectations are not fulfilled," said Kacin.

/ Radio Srbija /

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