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December 12, 2011. / Akademediasrbija

Serbian President and leader of the Democratic Party (DS) Boris Tadic has said that Serbia's key issue today is economy and that any actions that would make the country fall behind, become politically unstable or cause unrest have to be avoided.

Even the Kosovo issue cannot be resolved if the country is economically weak, he said at a meeting of the DS top committee.

"The economic issue is the biggest problem, not Kosovo. The Kosovo issue will be resolved by solving the economic issue," he noted.

It is impossible to imagine Serbia successful without membership in the EU, which is why that remains as the country's chief strategic goal, the president stated.

Serbia has to avoid any actions that make it fall behind, become politically unstable or could cause unrest, he remarked.

The fact the EU is facing economic troubles does not mean Serbia's future is elsewhere, outside the EU, he stressed. It also does not mean that Serbia does not need to cooperate with other economies and countries outside of the EU.

/ Tanjug /

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