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Djordje (George) Varda, last year awarded the title of the best floral designer in Europe, was miserable when he was told his father was appointed a post in Paris and the family will be moving to France.

He was 18 years old and had just finished high school. - The hardest thing for me in life was to leave Belgrade, - he told RTS reporter Mira Adanja Polak.

- But you came to Paris, it’s not like you went who knows where… - she said.

- Well, when you are 17-plus, someone may offer you a Moon or Mars, but still — Belgrade is Belgrade! - Varda responded.

            Djordje Varda Floral Designer of the Ritz, Paris, Ms. Lili Gaubin, and Mr. Dominique Potier

Some twenty years later, Varda’s little floral boutique at the posh Rue Montorgueil has become one of the must-see locations for Paris visitors, Djordje has been appointed an exclusive floral decorator and supplier of Paris Ritz, a hotel that is beyond the known category system, list of his clients includes the biggest names in the world of high fashion such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Feraud, Krizia, modelling agency Next and Chez Pierre, and he has been called to enliven and decorate even the most decorous places on earth, such as the Paris’ Civic Opera House or the Versailles Palace.

Entirely self-taught, 38-year-old Serb studied law in a desire to continue the family tradition, and film academy, since he felt he needed an artistic outlet. He worked at the luxurious Paris’ fashion boulevard Avenue Montaigne when, five years ago, he decided he had enough of suit and tie, and extravagant wealthy clients (”Well, that didn’t really change”, he laughed).

                                                             Vardas flower

...he signature unexpected blossoms, gushing and streaming from weightless creations tie them all into recognizable Varda Design. It is not uncommon for Varda’s workday to last 19 hours, but he considers himself quite fortunate to be granted an extraordinary privilege to wear jeans at Ritz and park his bike at the hotel’s entrance, while doing what he loves best. His wife, a psychologist working with autistic children, though a bit fed up with flowers already, still continues to receive an I-Love-You bouquet from her husband once a week. After all, they are a Varda creation and that’s not something to pass on these days.

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