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4 December 2011 / Akademediasrbija


The head of the Belgrade team in talks with Pristina, Borislav Stefanović, said that the agreement on joint control of administrative lines in Kosmet reached in Brussels preserved Serbia’s national interests, its Constitution and UN SC Resolution 1244. The solution is not an ideal one, but is the best possible under the circumstances, he said. The joint control concept has not been imposed on us – it was us, and not Pristina or the EU, that initiated it, he told a press conference in the Serbian government.

He said the solution represented a fulfillment of UN SC Resolution 1244 as some of our staff are to return to Kosmet, whereas Kosovo officers are to have only a dysfunctional role of witnesses. He said the agreement would be published on the Serbian government’s website and that, if necessary, he would present it to opposition leaders in person. He also called on citizens in northern Kosmet to remove the barricades in order to prevent any further attacks on them and appealed to KFOR to show reserve, emphasizing that any incidents suit Pristina’s interests only.


4 December 2011

The leadership of the Social-Democratic Party of Germany believes Serbia should be granted EU candidacy, Serbian Deputy PM and Interior Minister Ivica Dačić said. He and Serbian President Boris Tadić attended a congress of the Social-Democratic Party in Berlin. This party is the oldest and the strongest opposition party in Germany. The president of their political club, Martin Schultz, who was to take office of the EP president next year, informed us that he would have talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in order that they should discuss a joint stand to be prepared for the EU session of December 9, said Dacic.


4 December 2011

Serbian Deputy PM and Interior Minister Ivica Dačić believes that the present Belgrade-Pristina talks will not bring any permanent solution to the situation in Kosmet and that, following the technical talks, a model of opening an issue of a final political solution to its status should be opened. He told Belgrade daily press that the fact that part of the international community was unwilling to discuss that and thinks that the status issue is over was wrong. The most important thing at this moment is to create unity and approximate the stands of the Serbian state leadership and Kosmet Serbs, he said. He added it was Kosovo PM Hashim Tachi that was the main cause of all problems in Kosovo. Tachi is the one that is threatening with violent interventions and any armed attack mounted by him against Serbs could lead to an avalanche of events, said Dacic.


4 December 2011.

Serbian President Boris Tadić called on Serbs from northern Kosmet, and especially on their political leaders, to support the agreement reached in Brussels and not to block its implementation. Tadic, who is currently on a visit to Berlin, said, when asked by the press if he believes Kosmet Serbs will accept the agreement on administrative lines, that he expected that of their political leaders primarily, who must not hide behind the citizens. He said that also referred to his political opponents in Belgrade, who state that only citizens need to make decisions on all te issues, which would mean that no government or political institutions are necessary. He also said he adhered to his stand on the need of the removal of barricades. Serbian President Boris Tadić said that the solution reached in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue was compatible with the Serbian national interest, did not imply any elements of a so-called Kosovo statehood and that he called on Kosmet Serbs to support it.

/ Izvor : Glas Srbije /

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