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11/20/2011/ Tanjug

Serbian President Boris Tadic issued a decree on the end of the professional military career of Chief-of-staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Miloje Miletic on November 10 which was enforced upon his right to pension, Belgrade daily Politika reported.

The Serbian president's decree (No. 1-46) was forwarded from the military cabinet to the cabinet of the defence minister so that it could be published, reads the statement issued by Tadic's cabinet to the daily.

The Law on the Serbian Armed Forces envisages that a professional soldier is dismissed based on regulations on the end of a professional military career. The law adds that the dismissal period cannot be longer than 30 days. The 30-day deadline starts with the day when Miletic was informed about the enforcement of the decree on the end of his service, the president's cabinet explained.

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