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November 6, 2011 / Radio Serbia

Serbian President Boris Tadic said that he could not sign the policy document "Turning Point", proposed by the Liberal Democratic Party and Serbian Renewal Movement, which insists on the shift in policy towards Kosovo, by accepting the Ahtisaari plan.

In talks with students, participants of the Regional Conference "Serbia in the Next Decade", Tadic said that he essentially disagrees with the policy of giving up on the legitimate state and national interests, and that, should Ahtisaari's plan be implemented, the Serbian people would disappear completely from Kosovo within next 30 years.

It is an illusion that, even with the acceptance of this plan, Serbia would dramatically accelerate the EU accession process. The example demonstrating this is the completion of cooperation with the Hague Tribunal, which revealed that, in moments of crisis, the enlargement is not a popular topic in the EU. At the same time, the fact is that the great powers, as participants in the conflict in Kosovo, do not allow implemented decisions to be questioned, said Tadic. Regarding the upcoming elections in Serbia, he said that parties must offer realistic plans, rather than encourage unrealistic expectations. The world probably expects another wave of recession and it will take years for Serbia to recover economically, warned the President. In the next ten years, the EU integration of the West Balkan region is unlikely. Serbia needs to cooperate with other strategic partners, such as Turkey and China. Chances are that, after the construction of a Chinese bridge across the Danube, this country will invest 2 billion dollars in the energy sector in Serbia. Significant investments from Germany in the auto parts industry are expected as well, said Tadic.

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