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08.10.2011. - Vostok

Igor Gojkovic

The activists of the Albanian extremist movement "Self-determination" were again overturned truck with goods from Serbia, to protest the free import of goods from Serbia to Kosovo.

The incident happened Thursday afternoon near the village on the road Ljupče Podujevo - Pristina, the second attack against activists the movement of an agreement between Pristina and Belgrade on the implementation of the customs seals. A truck was stopped and then was upset-laden building materials to the customer in Kosovo.

Movement "Self-Determination" states that are against the decision of the Kosovo government on free trade with Serbia, as they say, Kosovo has a negative trade balance in relation to Serbia, from 16 in September, when Kosovo from Serbia has entered more than 2,000 trucks carrying goods, while the Kosovo came only 40 trucks. Two weeks ago the same group of Albanians in the same place truck stop Vranje license plates with the products of the Belgrade "Centroproizvod" .

The driver was thrown from the truck, the trailer spilled the goods on time, and then the truck turned over and left him beside the road. Then it was attacked and another truck that was returning from Kosovo who had already delivered the goods . After the driver threatened to cut his throat, he was able to rapidly escape the gas and the administrative transition Merdare. Then the KPS arrested two Albanians, but of self-determination, which is otherwise publicly admitted being behind the incidents, said that the two were not involved in truck rollover, and they soon released and not prosecuted. For the latest overturning trucks no one has been arrested.

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