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02.10.2011. /  Serbian Armed Forces official website

By laying a wreath at the memorial to those killed in the Liberation War and Armed Conflicts from 1990 to 99 and exhibiting tactical and technical assembly of weapons, equipment and demonstrating segments of the first martial arts training center, a the main ceremony marking the Day of the Association of Reserve Commanders of Serbia was held in the Apatin Cultural Center.

The ceremony was attended by State Secretary Igor Jovicic, who headed the delegation to the MoD and SAF, who laid wreaths at the memorial.

Addressing reserve military commanders, State Secretary Jovicic, among other things, stated that today's modern life had imposed a different course on a military career and different type of organization of civilian and military structures of the state, and thus spare the organization of Union military leaders, as well as implementation programming tasks than in previous periods.

-Today, almost all armies of the world in certain situations rely on its reserve forces, and in this sense we are not an exception - Jovicic said , stressing that our aim is to prepare to effectively respond to modern security challenges, risks and threats, training and training all structures of defense and security of our country. He added that in accordance with assigned tasks and missions of professional training the current members of the army have taken a new course and this army is different from the previous one .

- Attaining a proper level of professionalization of the army is a process of general public interest and achieving goals requires implementation of a series of tasks, primarily by rounding up and finishing the transformation process, as well as working on the Partnership for Peace program and the participation in multinational operations - said Secretary of State Jovicic.

The ceremony was attended by Brigadier General Dobrivoje Veljkovic, Head of Human Resources in the SAF, Colonel Sladjan Ristic, Head of the Traditions, Standards and Veterans of MOD, Djordje Malenkovic, president of the Association, Dr. Zivorad Smiljanic, Mayor of Apatin and other guests.

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