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02.10.2011. / Serbianna

Anti-Serb separatist billboards across Vojvodina are urging the majority Serbs to declare themselves “Vojvodinians”.

Written in Serbian, the billboards are part of a campaign to convince Vojvodina Serbs that they are not Serbs and that they should embrace a fictitious ethnic designation of a “vojvodinian” claiming that that is their “right”.

Similar campaigns against the Serbian ethnicity are waged in Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia’s Kosovo province where “kosovar” is being promoted.

After WWII, for example, communist authorities invented a so-called “macedonian” language by hiring an American linguist to fictionalize the ethnicity. Recently, authorities in Montenegro have modified Serbian alphabet in order to claim an alleged ”montenegrin” ethnic distinction. Bosnian Muslims are doing similar by claiming that their Serbian language is “bosniak”.

US and its western allies support, and in some cases, fund such efforts.

Separatists in Vojvodina consider this region part of Hungary and in 1999 Hungary suggested that the province should be occupied by NATO, and like Kosovo, get independence as a preliminary status before being annexed by Hungary. As a parallel to Vojvodina aims, now that the US considers Kosovo an independent state, Albania is getting ready to annex this Serbian province and NATO is attacking Serbs there to force them to submit to an Albanian domination.

Separatists in Vojvodina have recently opened an office in Brussels as though they are an independent country.

The separatist billboards in Vojvodina, one such seen above, use a modified Serbian flag with 3 stars on a pronounced blue background at expense of other Serbian national colors. The stars are meant to symbolize three Vojvodina regions – Srem, Banat and Backa – that are separate from Serbia.

One Vojvodina billboard says “I remained Vojvodinian, but I am not THE REST of the citizens” suggesting that a non-existent “vojvodinian” nationality is being discriminated against.

Another billboard says that “You have a right to be what you are!” implying that majority Serbs are not Serbs but “vojvodinians”.

Other billboards continue:

“At the upcoming Census citizens will answer a question about their national identity. Many do not know that they have a right to declare themselves Vojvodinian. It is important for you to know. National belonging is a matter of your feelings!”

Yet another billboard says “I am Vojvodinian. I do not want a path but a return to Europe!” implying that Vojvodina should be re-annexed to Hungary which is in Europe.

“I am Vojvodinian. We are – what we are!” declared yet another billboard in this campaign.

Soon, and we should not be surprised, a “vojvodinian” language will be invented and a “vojvodinian” orthodox church will also be promoted – and Washington will probably support such separatist stupidities under a banner of “human rights”.

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