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Tito and Tito nostalgia-driven condemnation in ex-Yugoslavia colorful flowers. The marshal, who loved the white uniforms so imitated by imitators. It is never reached, even approximately.

                                                              Josip Broz - The first Photo

The EM, in its last issue a report on the facts of "immortal Tito published" - snapshots of the never-ending story of Tito's posthumous fame, which radiates throughout the former Yugoslavia. Something to catch the attention of reporter-amused glance, is commendable and appropriate. But it is only part of the phenomenon of Tito, which goes deeper. What is there in Montenegro and elsewhere expires, so is not a (jugo), nostalgic games with ancient symbols, songs, language conventions - it is a continuous since 17 years now referendum that Tito wins a sovereign forever.

This is true even when the Slovenes by success. They have demonstrated a few years ago to over 80 percent in polls, her life in Yugoslavia since Tito "(very) good" and that they had "(very) good" memories of that time. Thus, the post-Yugoslav politicians a secret, but ever-present "yardstick" for their work and their successes in the back, have to live with it, it can in large part only with difficulty.

"Tito - the con man"?

If they can not, they still only the demonization of Tito in every respect. Who would wear a coat, which he is by several sizes too large, must swell mightily to fit into it. This also explains why the childish masquerade of the war criminals-President Tudjman (Croatia) and Milosevic (Serbia), imitating the Tito in particular sought - white uniforms, medals, luxury cars, holiday island, Cuban cigars, American whiskey, etc. - so that but demonstrated only their own ridiculousness.

Tudjman and Milosevic are dead, alive, the small Quakfrösche dissonant with their litanies. In Serbia, in August 2003, the book "Tito - The confidence man" was published, which had drafted a Serbian province of judges. In this "" the author proves that 1 Tito Tito was not but a half-brother of him that second Tito formed the entrance to the First World War at a Hapsburg espionage school was and that third any of his schoolmates, Adolf Hitler was.

Know, Hitler joined in 1913 Austria and spent the war in the Bavarian army. But such facts do not interest geschichtsnotorischen Balkan fairy aunts. For them, "the so-called Tito" an Imperial spy, a Freemason, was a secret agent of the Vatican, etc.

In Serbia, the book "imposter" banned as dirt and trash, which was published in 2004 in Croatia, a new edition. Of course Croatian chauvinists have enthusiastically welcomed the concoction, but that has little to say: Even in Croatia, as elsewhere in former Yugoslavia reached the Tito nostalgic new highs year after year. Even if the values in Croatia more modest.

Tito "come back immediately"

From non-Yugoslav countries not to speak! End of June 2007 in Hamburg ended the era of Gordana Vnuk. The Croatian had six years, the alternative "Kampnagel Theatre opens" and their parting with the two-hour revue "Tito, certain diagrams of desire" committed, embedded in a multi-day festival "TITO - the third way", and presented as a sample of Tito representations, which had previously been Vnuk woman performs in half the world. Furious that the show ran parallel to the EU summit, was a deliberate direction of incidence, which increased the general enthusiasm only.

"Titoville-com" - by accident or design, that the address of "Tito's Home Page" like bashful one of welcome to the dead marshal happened to sound? Anyway sounds, which made the young Slovenian musicians Matjaž Srebotnjak since 1993 on the Internet, such as a description of reality: Josip Broz, known as Tito - was born on 7 May 1892 Croatian village in the wine Kumrovec died, 4 May 1980 Military Hospital, Ljubljana - alive! He lives on (at least) 14 signs of roads, bridges, schools in Macedonia's capital Skopje. He lives in ever new polls that show in all ex-Yugoslav successor states growing sympathy levels. He lives in film scripts, on stage, in radio programs, books, songs, jokes (as particular) - in memory of those countless, which today's crumbling, economically languishing ex-Yugoslavia, compared with the Tito's Yugoslavia, which courted by East and West and was treated to credit. The fact that Tito's Yugoslavia on Oswald Spengler's dictum about the bad interwar Germany fit, "movement of the unemployed under the leadership of the work be afraid" - who wants that day to know?

Grass between Tito's Yugoslavia broke out, and marble slabs

In no city Belgrade Kuca Cveca is recorded, the "Flower House". It was built in 1974 as a blend of tropical garden and exclusive debating club. On 8 May 1980 Tito buried here. He received the "greatest funeral the history of mankind," as the Belgrade daily Danas "in time for the 25th Death said, leaders from 127 countries gave him the funeral, among them four kings, 31 presidents, 22 prime ministers, 47 foreign ministers, etc., to celebrities, whose names are already in the pantheon of world politics - Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Willy Brandt, Prince Philip, Bruno Kreisky, and countless more. Conversations, contacts, agreements - the "Flower House" was briefly navel of the world and a bridge between the blocks.

Then it was quiet and all the 1990s about Tito's tomb was deserted - no honor guard, a few visitors, about Tito's widow Jovanka, the fourth at each May came with flowers, grass between the marble slabs. Outside disintegrated Yugoslavia, but in all the successor states of the finest tributes to Tito were staged. Goran Markovic in Serbia ended in 1992 with "Tito and Me" a hit movie continued to this day: The little Zoran, played enchantingly by Dimitrije Vojnov wins, in 1954 a competition for the best Tito poem. He may take part in a march in 'Tito's Homeland ", is always saved by a white mold on the craziest ride up Tito from calamities and admits at the end:" Tito, I have mom and dad, rather than you, even the comrades in the Johnny Weißmüller role of Tarzan. "

1994 turned Želimir Žilnik (who was present in June 2007, at the Hamburg Tito Festival) a funny film: "Tito once again among the Serbs". And in 1999 the Croatian cinema veteran Vinko Brešan moved with the film "Marshal" (not "Marshal Tito's Spirit" to): A group of ideological hard-liners staged a Adriatic island of a Stone Age-communism. Led by a man she is in marshal's uniform and with sonorous speeches, which emerges at the end as a patient escaped from the asylum. In Slovenia earlier, the actor Ivan Godnić one years of success with his live broadcast "Kličemo duhove" (ghost invocation) which ran on Radio Kranj: listeners presented to Slovenian questions Godnić answered - in Tito's Croatian dialect, with its wonderfully fake voice and in those legendary drastic to the "Stari" (the old man) was always capable of, "You cattle! For you I'm stuck in jail, while you have your fucked old man! "The technicians in the studio laughed himself spotted the listener forget that Tito had been dead twelve or more years, and fell into Serbo-Croatian:" Tito vrati se, odmah, prvim autobusom "(Tito, come back immediately, with the first bus).

Honorary title for politicians: You're Tito

As war raged in Bosnia at the worst, Vaclav Havel arrived in Sarajevo. "It was as if Tito would come," still remembered years later, the people who already "Ti si Tito" (Tito you are) awarded as the biggest compliment. Kumrovec, Tito's Croatian birthplace became a secular shrine, which were here and there in the land-related busts of Tito Mestrovic, Augustinčić sculptors and other large places of worship. Until then, the monuments were blown up by Croatian chauvinists. The more the new masters of the Croat Tudjman, Milosevic and the Serb further, in white uniforms and Tito sprawled rhetoric, the more they walked the man as bad Tito cartoons on my nerves.

The traitor reliable polls have documented it: 33 percent of Serbs and Montenegrins almost 39 of the surveys in 1998 Tito called the "most Yugoslavs in the 20th Century ". Yet the end of 2003 the Croats Kuerten him "the greatest figure in the Croatian history." Not to mention the countless graffiti ("Tito come back, everything gone!"), The "Tito" inscriptions, the stones were laid out on hillsides, the Tito pictures in workshops, songs of the Tito Lepa Brena or Danilo Živković that today anyone can have by heart. Tito was dead, but as a trans-national role model alive than he appeared during his lifetime. "Tito's only mistake was to die at all," sighed a decade ago the Belgrade "Vreme".

How was Tito?

Horst Grabert, in the late 1970s the German ambassador to Yugoslavia, a very trusting permanent contact with Tito, and could even decades later had to tell the best stories Tito. It was clear, why have all the injustice and later as dictator Tito, war criminals etc. hinstellten. That was never Tito, because he had never needed.

                                                      TITO ? - and Jovanka ( last Photo )

Often I have the "fun" to ask later Tito's critics, what on 4 May 1980, the anniversary of the death of Tito, have done. If they were honest, they said, "I cried" - and if she said something else, then they lied or were nationalist political exiles who had no entitlement to all married in Tito's Yugoslavia.

Even in Stalin's death in March 1953, millions of people have been crying, but you can not compare Stalin and Tito. The fact that the two were mutually hostile spin, we knew from the first day of the Tito-Stalin conflict that exposed in the years 1947 to 1955 Yugoslavia a permanent threat from Stalin and his satellites. How the country responded and crawl at the end, the Soviets formally crosses, let out one is in the former Yugoslavia still proud, not least as retraced the Slovenian television some years ago in a multi-part TV documentary. Before there were the books of Milovan Djilas ("Conversations with Stalin"), Vladimir Dedijer ("Stalin's lost battle") and many others who spread illuminating details. Stalin was the godlike man caught up, Tito was close to the people and knew they inspire. Basically he was a poor speaker who inevitably stumble over each foreign word, but he was able to express statements of gorgeous, just like that when he talked, how he had grown his Croatian peasant beak. Then came out things that were within a few hours in the whole country around - his famous slip of the tongue in the Montenegrin capital: Podgorica, Podgorica know I still pre-war - uh, or Titograd, as it is now. "

And do not fight!

Or his legendary New Year's speech, which he ended with a snarled "I svadjajte ne više" (And do not argue). When Macedonia radio has one me once auditioned a Band: somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Tito, is welcomed by a mayor respectfully, "You feel as if you were at home" etc. Then Tito interjection: "Are you mad! We were 15 children was at home, there was always chaos, I do not want to feel at home! "The tape was never used, but its contents are known all over Yugoslavia.

Or the fabulous book "The contained private life of President Tito," the images as they would have released no other politician ever to publish. For example that on the Tito as a tense listening Gina Lollobrigida said the individual medals on his marshal's uniform. Tereza Kesovija, world-famous cabaret singer from the Croatian Konavlja told me once, "it was Tito's favorite singer was," I often sat on his lap and he sang in his ear - to the annoyance of venomous wife Jovanka. And more similar stories, each of which older "Yugoslav" many "has it".

By 1996, I had election observers in Croatia Eastern Slavonia, and attended a Socialist election meeting at, in came a speaker into raptures: "Do you remember, people, how well we lived in the old Yugoslavia - and how little we have worked?" By this I think every time I come up with me or others feel the "Jugonostalgie" Tito was a lazy man, his leadership clique was mostly the work not invented, in all of Yugoslavia has a little totgearbeitet. The brilliant fang Dušan Radović, "Designer of the Belgrade spirit" in his daily morning aphorisms reading "Belgrade, dobro jutro (Good morning, Belgrade fulminated) often enough against the general dislike of work, but knew also about the cause: The (Western and Eastern ) Foreign Yugoslavia has flooded with loans - the repayment demanded but only after Tito's death, which came at the beginning of the end.

Remember all the voting is no longer used in today's polls and festivals so excited for Tito. Even in Kosovo Albanians remember that they had under Tito everything that they lack today: autonomy, global mobility, social security, "a good life." In Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia young people have set up numerous "Tito companies" and "Tito's club". And in Belgrade, the "Flower House" - in 1999 by a NATO bomb slightly damaged - after Milosevic's overthrow in October 2000 to a new life awakes: The marble is gewienert sparkling long glass hall, the honor guard stands in a blue dress uniform. And visitors flock like never before: the beginning, were 10,000, then 12,000. In 2004 it was 15,000 and in 2005 even more visitors per year. Most of course to Tito's death on 4 May, began in 2006 to a record attendance.

Tito died in 1914 ... "

Tito has (at least) achieved four great merits: Under his leadership, Yugoslavia was the only country in Europe, which is liberated during the Second World War on its own merits and without the slightest help from abroad themselves. Tito has the previously underdeveloped Yugoslavia turned into a modern industrial state, which enjoyed a worldwide reputation. He has given to date oppressed peoples such as the Macedonians, the first chance in its history to cultural and political empowerment in the national responsibility. And he finally has his land - which is called "socialist", but in fact the most loyal partner of the West was, and the Marshall Plan, more than any western European country has benefited - to the bridge and on the "hinge" made between the blocks.

As Yugoslavia disintegrated first hinge function, after the Soviet Union, communism was overthrown. Then broke the Soviet Union. In a bloody civil war ended in Yugoslavia. Measure the new rulers of the successor states had to leave to Tito, which was for many a hopeless task. So they had to be anxious to draw to Tito's undeniable historical merit in the dirt. Especially eager was Tudman Croatia, in which the worst political exiles - the example driven into Western Europe every year to Tito's birthday a pig with "Tito" through the streets - had received on their return the highest government offices.

The follies of Todorovic

These gentlemen had a lot of media workers - all of which were from the Serb Miroslav Todorović outbid. Who was born in 1941 in the Serbian Kruševac, studied law in Belgrade tried to unsuccessfully as a state functionary and worked as a lawyer after that. For example, he defended the 2004 murder of Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, with its process strategy was limited essentially to move the trial by all sorts of tricks and subterfuges in the length. Early on Todorović had his "talent" for the literature discovered and distinguished himself by some pseudo-documentaries about processes from the Tito era. With real events, the books had little to do - this writer, it was all about money and attention, what he sought, if necessary, to excite even invented by attacks on themselves.

As mentioned above, Todorović in 2003 unsuccessfully attempted to land in Serbia, with its 350-page tome "Tito - The confidence man." Serbia is no more dictatorship, in which unpleasant and inconvenient books banned authors are pursued. That Todorovićs "impostor" not yet reached the bookstores, was the fact that in Serbia - as in Germany and elsewhere - authorities are to protect the public from harm dirt and trash.

What is in Serbia, dirt and rubbish, has business in Croatia

What is in Serbia, dirt and rubbish, has the best chance of success in Croatia. 2004 brought out of the publishing house "Dunja" in Bjelovar Todorovićs concoction - in the "Croatian language" translated by Željko Orsag. Todorović said that he had written his book based on thorough research and painstaking archival work, but does not single source, adds no bibliography and has no "reviewer" exhibit, called, as in all ex-Yugoslav countries, the experts that any book check before going to protect the publisher from plagiarism or other debris. Thus the Croatian reading public came to enjoy a "work", the critics seemed to be the legitimate offspring of a diseased imagination - if they thought the author was the same as a complete madman.

That is the impression you have to get that one reads in Todorović that Tito's mother Marija him on 7 born May 1892 in the Croatian village of Kumrovec wine has that his father, Maria's husband, Franc Broz was. Already on 16 June 1892, so 40 days later, the same Marija Broz brought in Vienna a second son. This was "the Jew Samuel Meier begotten" where she worked as a maid. Tito's half brother was named Josip Ambroz.

Tito with Hitler in the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph's spy school

But this is only the beginning. According Todorović Tito was taken in 1913 at a spy school, "the Emperor Franz Joseph had established himself, where he was trained in common with Adolf Hitler." (Both were in the same unit "). 1914 Tito met with his half brother in the 42nd Varaždien Division together with the struggles he fell. The half-brother Franc was captured by the Russians, was recruited by the Bolsheviks and adopted after the war, Tito's identity.

Josip Broz has called only from Tito in 1934, and Todorović has offered no explanation why there should have been this strange impersonation between the supposed half-brothers. This is not more important, because over 300 pages, Tito is presented as an agent of the Comintern, the British secret service, the Vatican, the German "defense," the Israeli Mosad etc.. To be a mason, "by Winston Churchill during World War I in Paris introduced himself in a box", "professional killer" on behalf of Russian Communists, Co of the assassination of King Aleksandar in 1934, triggered the Yugoslav partisan war "with the only goal as many Serbs "kill. And this is because he was in fact Starčević since childhood secret follower of Ante, the "father" of Croatian fascism, but also in the Bosnian Franciscans made and received etc.

Tito was not at Tito, but a changeling from the Soviets doppelganger - the legend was so widespread in the old Yugoslavia, the Slovenian author Partljić Tone it in the early 1980s in his comedy "My father, the socialist large-scale farmers" used. I have seen the play in 1985 in Novi Sad, crinkly laugh about it myself and am in the break, rushed behind the scenes to the director a copy of the text that existed not as a book, abzuschwatzen. have been part of this success has also inspired Todorović - if he not a few cynics in Ljubljana and Belgrade have something foisted to embarrass the Croats after forces. Or something else that plays everything not matter: The book by Todorović is so outrageous nonsense that it will certainly have no effect on the fame of Tito.

Wolf Oschlies


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