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14.August 2011. / Radio Srbija
Reporter Olivera Milovanovic.

The fall of the credit rating of USA, which is analyzed these days not only by economic experts, has influenced the fall in the values of stock markets around the world. With regards on how the new economic crisis could reflect in the business trends in Serbia, we had broker expert Branislav Jorgic talking to our radio, in conversation with our reporter Olivera Milovanovic.

“By decreasing the credit rating, USA has practically lost some of the trust of their investors who possess free assets for various kinds of investments. In consequence, those who have money do not know where to invest, and it imminently leads to turbulences in world stock markets. There is also the crisis in the euro-zone, which makes the European investors uncertain as well. It is expected that already marked realistic losses will lead to investing in other stock markets goods, such as gold and silver”, emphasizes Jorgic.

Asked about how the latest situation will impact the Serbian economy, Jorgic says that it will certainly have negative consequences, but it is still not clear to which degree. “We depend largely on the foreign capital, which has bad influence on finances in other countries, in the case of crisis in the national market, hence the unfavorable chances of financial inflow to Serbia”, explains our collocutor. According to him, in the short term it could cause some nervousness in the Serbian financial market, as shown in the past few days.

However, as he added, Serbia should look for the resources within our own country and rely on the national economy. While reminding that the Government has passed certain decisions in order to reduce the potential crisis, Jorgic has pointed that it is good for short-term effect. For the long-term solutions, nevertheless, structural reforms are required, i.e. the continuation of the rationalization in the state administration and transactions of the state companies, as well as the improved efficiency of the national economy, believes broker expert Branislav Jorgic.

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