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04.08.2011. / Novi Standard
Željko Cvijanović

Europe, who do not want to change in essence, she gave birth to Anders Breivik imaginary delights, on the Serbs, expressed a mass murderer of Oslo, Anders Breivik, provoked a strong reaction to the social scene in Serbia.

It reached such strength that one newspaper ran a story under the headline "lunatics are fighting for the rights of Serbs!" A 32-year-old Breivik, over the weekend killed 76 Norwegians in Oslo, found them drawn up a manifesto for 1500 pages, where he declared himself the anti-Islamic Christian fundamentalist, and praised the struggle of the Serbs in the wars of the 90s. Breivik pointed out that the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999 were directed against "our brothers, the Serbs", who sought to banish Islam by the deportation of Albanians back to Albania. In addition, Breivik wrote that he wanted to meet with the arrested Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, who "by his own efforts to free Serbia from Islam forever be remembered as an honorable warrior-crusader and a European war hero."

Serb anti-national intelligentsia is concerned that the manifesto will Breivik that he was inspired to commit a crime of war, who led the Serbs. She also fears for the international reputation of today's Serbia, whose leaders, striving for EU membership of these wars was discarded. One of the leading non-governmental sector, Milenko fighting, said Breivik inspired, not all Serbs, but only "policy group" of Slobodan Milosevic demonized Serbian leader the West 90s. "It's time to finally figure out how to, it was a policy of" self-criticism, urges fight. Vojin Dimitrijevic, one of the most influential intellectuals, anti-national non-government sector, made even more radically. He said that the arranged Breivik bloodbath was in fact "the success of media war that was fought in the days of Milosevic." "Breivik may have followers in Serbia," said Dimitrijevic. These intellectuals, whose credo is to abandon all for the sake of national interests of Serbia joining the EU, in a fit of extreme self-criticism have forgotten something very important. Namely, Breivik remembered not only the Serbs. In his manifesto he supported Israel, Christians in Armenia and the conservative Hindus. Apart from these, he expressed his delight at the creation of Christian states in southern Nigeria and Sudan, and extolled the Russian, Thai, Filipino and Chinese as fighters against the jihad. anywhere except in Serbia, the intellectuals do not feel the need to disown the crime Breivik, let alone be self-critical in relation to their own countries. This bout of self-criticism, many attributed to the fact that Western countries for 20 years funded non-governmental organizations and friends of their media in Serbia, which aim to blame the Serbs in the wars of the 90s. This campaign demonizing the Serbs, started in the 90s, again increased in the the last four years, during which the U.S. and most influential countries in the EU are trying to force the Serbian government to accept Kosovo's independence. It is a Serbian province, a predominantly Muslim Albanians, who broke away from Serbia during the NATO bombing of 1999.

Since then, the growing pressure of western countries to Serbia to Kosovo's independence, proclaimed in contravention of international law. But we can not say that the motive for the anti-Serb campaign in a few, but very influential pro-Western circles in Serbia, are the only money from the West. It is about two decades of indoctrination Serb intellectual circles which provintsializiruyutsya, convinced that Serbs should just turn to the west, divides their territory. At the time when Serbia was fighting for his Kosovo territory for the 90s, after the collapse of Yugoslavia and the Serbian people helped remaining in the other republics in the West it was accused of nationalism almost Nazi type. But the two above mentioned intellectual recognized by Western public opinion and in the 90s, and today, and now and then missed the point that the "nationalist" in Serbia, along with Montenegro remains the only multi-ethnic state in the former Yugoslavia. The composition of the government currently includes two ethnic Muslim, and one of them, according to surveys of public opinion, is one of the most popular among Serb ministers.

Dimitrijevic fights and not also said that Milosevic, as the left and an atheist, could not lead a religious Kosovo war against the Muslims, and he led it against the secessionist forces, along with the Western countries supported and Albania. They forgot to say that he could admire not Breivik Serbia 90s, and her fierce manner, created in the West, and supported pro-Western non-governmental organizations in Serbia. Therefore, Breivik - child is not "Serbian propaganda Milosevic era," as claimed by Dimitrijevic, and anti-Serb propaganda of western result of the time, which in Serbia is just Mr. Dimitrijevic. By creating this image of Serbia in the 90s have made an effort and influential philosophers Bernard-Henri Levy and Alain Finkelkraut, historians Noel Malcolm, Timothy Garton Ash, and a whole galaxy of journalists, informing about the wars in former Yugoslavia. If Breivik could not motivate Serbia and the horrifying image of her, cut in the West, the question arises - what's in this monstrous image of him could be like? With a probable psychiatric aspects of his character, Breivik, a part of the Norwegian elite and, indeed, quite an educated and informed, provides a dramatic and tragic end of a major trend in Europe the crisis. So his motives are not to be found only in his psychology, as in the case of terrorists of September 11, 2001. So, Breivik crime should be considered in a broader context than the actual circumstances of the Norwegian. I can even say that it is a kind of "European crime." This should take into account the historical fact that Europe is the only territory in which a high degree of civilization advances (writing, technology etc.) are often insufficient to prevent the development of serious historical scenarios.

Nazism did not arise in the "primitive" the Balkans, and in European heart of Germany, Communism was also born in the German philosophical thought. Many critics of present-day Europe would agree that she is struggling with its crisis by phasing out democracy, plunging into the bureaucracy. And the nature of things, any bureaucracy breeds authoritarianism. Europe today is ruled by politics, very far from his great predecessors. It is headed by Herman van Rompuy, an anonymous Belgian Christian Democrat, not elected, but appointed to this position. Foreign affairs and defense of the EU is responsible for an Englishwoman, Catherine Ashton, which had never elected to any office. Because of the lack of legitimacy, its opponents say it is on such a high office was only because she married a friend of Tony Blair. The structure of the intellectual elite of today's pro-European intellectuals included, for example, Timothy Garton Ash. He very willingly deals with removal from the political scene in Europe Islamophobic right-wing Dutch politician such as Geert Wilders, of course, so that it does not go beyond the scope of democracy. When asked why he even eliminate, Garton Ash certainly would have answered - and then that he was not one of us. And it becomes a key issue of today's Western world - as we do evil and to remove those who hinder us, and it did not seem to authoritarianism. This idea Garton Ash's impossible to defend any unit of thought, but it is quite possible bombs. And here we have a philosopher, loving the bomb. Is proud evrofanatichny Maoist Bernard-Henri Levy today in Libya does not raise the militant spirit of the Gauls, by measuring the democratic potential of the world the potential of American missiles. When Europe was ruled de Gaulle and Adenauer, and the thought of it Marleau and Camus, democracy had flaws, but took the decision. When the power of the weak, democracy has given way to the bureaucracy.

The problem is that the bureaucracy does not overcome the difficulties and clear, like how and Garton Ash would like to remove Wilders. Red tape is just another name to exclude other from any political discourse. But the accumulated problems are not solved in the places where the other is excluded from the dialogue. No solutions where democracy is measured by the number of American missiles. It is not possible where any intellectual superiority gives way to administrative excellence emasculated mediocre defense system. Those who accept the decisions of those who seek to eliminate Wilders, he will receive and Breivik. And it was because Breivik not raised his hand, demanding to give him the floor, and made it with a gun in his hand. Therefore, the case "Breivik," neither more nor less than the European Sept. 11, the day when democracy was dead in his home. While Breivik kill democracy in Europe has ceased to be one of the conflicting parties. From that day on the conflicting parties are bureaucracy and authoritarianism. This crime occurred in the system has ceased to produce value and anything other than the dominance of sections and tricks, prevent any movement. This bureaucratized system, centered on the rejection of the changes, ran into severe violence. And violence in nature and there is a shift. But what? Therefore, Europe is already too late. Bureaucrats in Brussels believe that the continent killing fiscal deficits. It is a mistake, Europe, killing an enormous empty ideas and the exclusion of all that is a solution, but does not come from the world of bureaucracy in which decisions in nature. Europe in which people think Henri Levy and Garton Ash - Europe is without ideas.

This is Europe, which to no Tablet superpoezdu not protect against collapse into barbarism.

/Translation: F.Sava /


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