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26.06.2011. / Radio Srbija

The word “elections” is rarely heard in the Serbian public, but the impression is that every single move of the authorities and opposition is carefully thought out as part of the pre-election campaign.

The topics of economic progress and regional development, which national politicians would like to put to the forefront, are partially hindered by the signals from Europe, according to which the issue of Kosmet will not be allowed to remain open for a long time. Mirjana Nikolic has more on the events in the Serbian political scene.

Part of the Serbian Public was expecting that immediately after the extradition of Ratko Mladic to the Hague Tribunal, new stipulations for Serbia would be made. For starters, the statement was heard in the German Parliament that before joining the EU, Serbia would have to recognize the independence of Kosmet. Of course, it should not be taken too seriously, because our public knows what kind of statements can be heard from the Serbian Assembly as well. Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic has said that the recognition of Kosmet cannot be a condition for the European integrations.

Minister of Interior Ivica Dacic explains that it is not the official policy of Germany, while Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic claims, after the meeting with EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele, that Kosmet is not a new condition. In that view, few days earlier, Minister Jeremic had repeated that Serbia would never give in before Albanian secessionists, because the recognitions of the unilateral secession would cause new crises and further fragmentation of the state. While analysts say he had just said what many were thinking, part of the opposition has accused the minister of spreading fear for no reason, thus justifying the bad state policy towards Kosmet.

Besides Kosmet, another constant topic in the political scene is the regional development. The ruling parties in the Parliament have achieved consensus on the bill on financing the regions, thus underlining that the leading coalition is stable. Leader of the party United Regional of Serbia Mladjan Dinkic has, on the other side, presented this bill as his own personal success, and ministers from his party are often seen visiting the factories in the provincial parts of Serbia.

The biggest oppositional party, the Progressive Party, presented on Thursday its platform for the battle against corruption. They have stated that the political will is the prerequisite to start curbing the corruption, and thenceforth the economic progress. Leader of the Progressive Party Tomislav Nikolic says that the corruption has permeated all fragments of the society, which will keep new investments at bay.

Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic ahs responded to that by saying that the macroeconomic stability has been achieved in Serbia, which should continue in the next year as well, so 2012 is expected to be much better. Cvetkovic has stressed being optimistic about the European integrations of Serbia, adding that this process is not just a political issue, but also has the economic aspect to it, therefore being of the utmost importance for the national economy and living standard of the citizens.

The improvement of the living standard is certainly not helped by increasing prices of gasoline, milk, phone services and the announcement of drastic price grow of cigarettes. In a country that strives to become a member of the EU, more than a half of the population is not even considering traveling somewhere for vacation, which is a good indication of how far we are from the European standards.


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