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27.04.2011. / Tanjug

The EU Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) has refused the request to confiscate vehicle registration plates for Kosovo that were issued by Serbia, Kosovo's Interior Minister Bajram Redzepi has stated.

According to Redzepi's words, he asked EULEX to seize the plates, but received a negative response.

The plates will still be confiscated by the Kosovo police, Redzepi told the Koha Ditore daily from Pristina.

He criticized EULEX for its inefficiency, underlining its attitude towards northern Kosovo.

According to Koha Ditore, Head of EULEX Xavier Bout de Marnhac admitted the moment he set northern Kosovo as a priority that he was not able to return the local staff to the Kosovska Mitrovica District Court.

Parallel Serb authorities have taken over the court building in Zubin Potok and they are also responsible for distributing the Serbian printed plates, says the daily, adding that EULEX failed to react each of those times, even though its mandate requires it.

EULEX has not been able to establish the rule of law in northern Kosovo and the reality has been getting worse in that, most troublesome, part of Kosovo, says Koha Ditore, adding that Redzepi has grown tired of such a treatment by EULEX.


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