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27.04.2011. / Diocese of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija in exile

Since the beginning of problems called "Artemije case, there was a lot of those views in our fully understood and strongly supported. Recently, some of them there was a certain hesitation, confusion, indecision, let us follow.

As we learn, in one way or another, the last time they, as believers, tortured some questions and concerns, which for them represent a "stumbling block" and are unable to continue to be so openly support and follow in our liturgical and ecclesiological way.The best wishes to our friends and those dobroželateljima help to resolve and overcome your doubts, try to explain as soon as some of our actions and attitudes, which exactly represent for them a "stumbling block and rock scandal".Convinced that they, nevertheless, our other friends, the truth, immediately in trouble in a dilemma, "which will will choose the" We do it as such and in order to pay them as a friend of a friend, helping to overcome the immediate crisis .

Therefore, dear friends, to hear and learn, first a "stumbling block" for you is DEEP BROOK. Although only "stream", he showed up for you too deep and unbridgeable. We go there for you was the transition from the status of "martyr status in the" rebel ", as for your problem because you do not see the justification of that act.For you, perhaps, be better if we continue to remain in the status of "martyrs", to us you, and many others, can "pity" strongly "defend" the devoted.We, however, was not objective, nor would it be to the good of the Church of God, to play the "martyr", but for the Church and the faithful (of God entrusted to his congregation Nam) and do something concrete.So our trip to Deep Stream was not going into "rebels", but the status of "confessors," the one who openly, publicly and vigorously professed FAITH the submitted to us by the Holy Apostles, the Holy Fathers, the Holy Ecumenical Councils, which sačiniše the Church at all time they left Creed, in which, among other things, we confessfaith "in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church".

To the "Deep Stream" occurred only after the parliamentary decision on the "raščinjenju", then it would really be going to the "rebels".Thus, this move is our ecclesiological and canonical fully justified because we, as a canonical and legitimate Bishop of the Diocese of Raska and Prizren, acted in accordance with 15thFirst rule-second Council of Constantinople, in which the Holy Fathers require Orthodox Christians to stop mentioning the religious and liturgical communion with Bishop or Patriarch "because of some heresy, convicted holy Councils, or holy Fathers, and that he (the Bishop or Patriarch) publicly preaches or learn about it openly in the Church". In this case, was ordered not only to us, as Orthodox bishops, but also every Orthodox Christian, to the fence "of communication with such a bishop (or Patriarch) and before the parliamentary consideration.

We are move "Deep Stream", and all that followed later, not that we withdrew "schism destroyed the unity of the Church" (God forbid), but on the contrary - we rushed to "save the Church from schisms and razdeljenja", as the explain the holy fathers in the said 15th First rule-second Assembly.As to them, when the heresy in question (and do have someone who is not yet clear that the heresy of ecumenism today deeply entered the wide gates of the Serbian Orthodox Church), to fence off such a move does not mean "to have such (which is fenced) separated from the Bishop, from psevdoepiskopa and psevdoučitelja "and" did not make a schism in the Churchbut, as far as depended on them, freed the Church from schism. "
Accordingly, it appeared, in a short time, it is our turn became a great comfort and great hope for all Orthodox believers. You always have the history of the Church there were people who were indifferent when it comes to the fate of the Church and the purity of its teachings.Examples abound and they are pretty much known to everyone, including you. We are also in this time we try to follow the shining example, repeating the words of Joseph canonized Petrograd: "I am not in any case not schismatic (and especially not" sectarian ", Ep. A.) Or call the rift, but call to the purification of the Church of those who sow schism and that it caused "their non-Orthodox teachings and attitudes, because, in the words of Saint Gregory the Theologian," silence is issued by God. "

Another painful issue for you, dear friends, is our (in) reference to the Patriarch of the Liturgy, because according to you, it "means not only rejecting nekanonskih decision of Parliament, rather than rejecting the whole Orthodox Church, which has, as you say," the clergy and lay people who have deviated from Christ. "

First of all, we have to say that failure to mention the Patriarch is only the consistency of our top position, which we, hopefully, in the preceding paragraph sufficiently explained. As regards, however, non-recognition "of the whole Orthodox Church," which is done by someone switches it anywhere and still we have not even said a write.Such a conclusion from our previous positions can not be drawn, not to become one of the many defamation izfabrikovanih on our account. Question the benefits of SPC are no questions as something that should profess. For now only a question of individual statements, procedures, the practice of true religion or sect.Things will be crystallized in its time. In this sense, no one questions the Orthodox character of our "comrades", who are all striving for the same job, "each according to its means", as it says in the Holy Gospel.Therefore we think that we should refrain from such words, and qualifications of anyone from our ranks of "treason," "cowardice" and the like, as this can only harm the just struggle to defend the Orthodox Faith in which we are involved.

What we have added here is that it was time to "separate the weeds from the wheat." We are not anywhere denied the validity of secret in the SPC. But individuals, obviously, are no longer in the Church Creed.Should I remind you to speak and statements of Patriarch Irenaeus in Vienna in September, the ecumenical meeting and common prayer of some of our Bishops, the recent case of Hanukkah in Belgrade's synagogue, and ... not to go further. The formulations are just crystallize.During this period, certainly not every expression (and by us) dogma itself.

The issue of communication with the other brothers of the bishops and other clerics is only a matter of time. If not before, it will certainly be resolved 2013th year. For all children not to walk and speak in the same month. Some earlier, some later. Each in his time.So in our question. When one realizes the truth, then you should also accept, and they are beginning to profess in words and life. Understandable. Until then we are and remain only - Diocese in exile.

Ecumenism is a pan-heresy from the very beginning of his.Not to be just a case "Teodosijevog appointment", not even from such a formulation by Prepodobnog Avve Justin. Against the pan-heresy we have fought for years and decades inside the church. So it went with many other heresies throughout its long history of the Church. All in the beginning, some time, lived in the Church.And when it came to "the fullness of time", when it's time "sazrelilo", they are part of the Church abrupt and anathematized. So shall also the svejeresju ecumenism. This heresy in the Church, and all non-canonical decision of the Synod and the Serbian Orthodox Church throughout the 2010thyear, ending with the placing on the throne of Theodosius Bishop of the Diocese of Raska and Prizren, with us alive and growing canon Bishop, was a watershed moment when it should draw a decisive move. They cut the team last act, in fact, the umbilical cord of communication.Any form of further communication would be the legalization of both the heresy, and all the lawless and nekanonskih decisions, and - raščinjenja.

We hope, dear friends, that this will contribute a few words to better understand our struggle and confusion to disappear for you, "and some other" because, as you hear, you "do not know where we intend to go further." If you mean something, here is our answer to you:We really do not intend to go anywhere but to stay where we are and so far have been - in union with the Church Creed, the Apostles, the Holy Fathers of the Holy Ecumenical Councils, with our Saint Sava, the Holy Bishop Nikolai, the Holy Avvom Justin Cells, and other saints his life to God ugodišeand they left us a bright example. We believe that on this issue and you, who are currently confused, totally agree with us, and that none of us wants to pave a new road or established a new his "church."For just as in the community with each other and with all the saints, we hope to reach a goal that the Lord has set before us - eternal life.

Yours in Christ God


Bishop of Raska and Prizren IN EXILE


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