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10.02.2011. / Tanjug

Serbia and Indonesia successfully stage inter-religious dialogue

The Association of Serbian-Indonesian Friendship Nusantara welcomed on Sunday the successful staging of the inter-religious dialogue between Serbia and Indonesia, during which participants discussed religious issues on scientific and expert level, and which gathered representatives of the Orthodox Church, Islam, Roman Catholic Church, Protestant Church, Hinduism and Judaists.

The inter-religious dialogue held from April 7 to 9 gathered several dozen high officials of religious communities, theologians and representatives of Serbia's civil societies of various confessions. The occasion provided an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences and should serve as an encouragement for the deepening of the inter-religious dialogue in each of the countries, Nusantara said in a release.

At the same time, the dialogue represents a historic gathering since this is the first time that representatives of Serbia, the westernmost country with Orthodox majority, and Indonesia, as the easternmost state whose majority of citizens are Muslims, have conferred over religious issues.

In the release, Nusantara expressed hope that the message of Partiarch Irinej of the Serbian Orthodox Church to the participants in the dialogue would be adhered to and that the meeting would contribute to forming closer ties between the two nations and enable the two countries to strengthen their relations in the domains of religion, culture and economy.

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