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03.04.2011. /

Metropolis of Piraeus
No. Prot. 115

His Grace Bishop
Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija
Mr. G. Artemije

His Excellency, Distinguished and beloved brother,

With unspeakable pain, bitterness and suffering I have received and read the letters you sent, as he sent the Holy Synod of Bishops of the SOC, and others sent to all the Orthodox hierarchs throughout the universe, which, together with their cattle make up one, holy, catholic, Apostolic, indivisible , unchanged Christ Churchthis, and also very carefully read the decision of the Sixth Criminal Division of the Supreme Court of Greece (Areo Pag) under no. 1410/2010, and with great humility and devotion I hasten to tell you the following:

1. Unshakable trust and with humility make public, having 20 years of experience in dealing with the Canon Law, as the Church-court investigator and secretary of the Ecclesiastical Court of the Great Church of Greece, that your esteemed Grace, according Božastvenim and sacred Canons of the Holy Seven Ecumenical Councils, and that all local onand confirmed (25, 74 and 75 of the Holy Apostles, 6 of the Second Ecumenical Council, 9 and 17 of the Fourth Ecumenical Council, 12, 87 and 96 of the Cartagena Parliament and the firstCyril of Alexandria), and the Gospel according to Divine Law, Canonical Most Holy Episcopal Bishop of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija, despite the existence of decisions against you by the Holy Synod of Bishops and by the Holy Synod of Bishops, no canonical charges and contribute stvfire alarm fact, the canonical investigations and examination of the indictment, trial and defense of Canon, and the possibility of legal remedies, including:

a) Decisions of the Holy Synod of 11-2-2010 about your temporary suspension from your bogomčuvane Diocese
b) Decisions of the Holy Assembly of 2-5-2010 the imposition of penalties you remove from your final canonical Service
c) Decisions of the Holy Synod of 18-9-2010 on the imposition of penalties you unlimited ban on clerical
g) Decisions of the Holy Assembly of 18-11-2010 on the imposition of penalties you raščinjenja with higher Bishops Worthyyour leadership and restore the order of monks,

with respect to this decision a flagrant violation of every concept of Canon Law and canon procedural order, and that in the canonical sense no validity, with immediate effect that the said Decision invalid, unjustified and non-existent, and irreparably injure roughly Canonical authenticost these administrative and judicial bodies of the holiest of the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church, and canon principle of appropriate punishment, which is considered the autocephalous Orthodox Churches.

2. As is clearly confirmed by the Decision of the Sixth Division of the Supreme Court of Greece (Areo Pag) under no.1410/2010, which refers to the rejection of an arrest warrant, issued by the investigating judge of the High Court of Serbia under no. Ki.No. 1181/01, and extradition Visokoprepodobnog Archimandrite Simeon (Vilovskog), your Bishops Deputy, who is also antikanonski unfrocked and decided, Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Church and the Serbian State, as subordinate commands demonic American-Zionist factors that threaten the cradle of the Orthodox Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohiji, and for the Islamization of Europe by the weakening of its Christian foundation and its characteristics, to achieve, in his opinion, easier acceptance than he expected "the Messiah of glory," which is recognized in the face najsramnijeg Antichrist, and who had been released into the bloody hands of Albanians Islamists, who in the 21century in Europe to promote the image of the world lying theocratic Islam, which preaches that it is contradictory, on one hand the true Messiah Jesus Christ and the Logos of God who was incarnate of God and Ever-Virgin Mary, but that distorts and reverses his salvific work - through the Cross and the untold kenosis resurrection of the famoussavaskrsenje the human person, with the bait of participation in the Euro-Atlantic integration and the threat of "controlled" international tribunals, iskonstruisale against him, and consequently against you, being mean and vicious accusation alleged abuse of office and theft and embezzlement of the sum of 27,640,125 CSD, ie. 349.857 euros, and it turns out that he had already mentioned the prosecution and the prosecution engineered in order "that would worsen the position required (aboutSimeon Vilovski) because of its religious and national beliefs, in such manner and to such an extent that in case of extradition to submit a flagrant violation of his right to a fair trial in a state that requires it (Serbia) ", as mentioned decision Areo Pag in its explanation to 8 . side is.In all this, and release from custody last December, due to lack of evidence, by the Serbian authorities to Mr. Predrag Subotica, building contractor, accused as alleged accomplice Visokoprepodobnog Archimandrite g.Simeon Vilovski the alleged abuse and fraud, but the sum, even more clearly confirms the treacherous and criminal plan of your persecutors, by order antihristovskih force against your Excellency and your esteemed Visokoprepodobnog Deputy Bishops.

3.Bitter and painful surprise we experienced as members of the Most Holy Orthodox Catholic Church, because of the perceived, and heaved a daily basis, the tragic trajectory of the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church, to which we referred in the past, all with a deep respect and trust, because it is ominous and deadly times of year, the organizationLJ Church and Its Promislitelj Our Lord Jesus Christ sent his angel, of your mentors and teachers, a profound theologian and genuine heroes, revenge Trosunčanog universal Deity, and the Saints prepodobnog Bogonosnog Justin Popovic, whose writings were mortally wounded "sleek" besi sinkretističkog EcumenismPapism and antihristovskog Enlightenment. Consideration of the event triggers in us all wounds and pain.

As people are unable to understand how it is possible that our descendants prepodobnog Father Justin and your spiritual siblings participate in the lawless common prayers and collecting the unrepentant and nepreumljenim zloslavnim and heretical Papističkim slaughterers, executioners and pogubiteljima his people, who, during the Fascistoccupation of their homeland carving through the Roman Catholic Croatian Ustashi, 800,000 Serbian Martyrs, and the recently proclaimed the "sacred" spiritual and moral instigators of the genocide criminal, Roman Catholic Cardinal Stepinac of Zagreb.

The presence known with the Bishops blessed Patriarch Pavle g-tion on a false and nonexistent "Liturgy" heretical papist in Zagreb, to declare the "saints" said the cruel villain, which is located in the Hell in the company of demons, can not be justified by reasons of decency or ekumenističkog ofahnuća and directional forgetting, but for reasons mentioned above.

In addition, a few days ago, 27-1-2011, call and prayer in the chapel of St. John the Divine at the Theological Faculty in Belgrade Archbishop Stanislav Hocevar and Papal Nuncio Orlando Antoninija, in the presence of Patriarch Irenaeus Svatjejšeg, unequivocally and clearly show and confirm the true reasons Your antikanonskog Progothe lawless and conviction, because urbi et orbi show a prolonged voice prepodobnog Justin (Popovic) and, finally, his only true disciple.

4. On the right to invoke St. John Chrysostom and his suffering and testimony, because the show 'and nravom pričastnik the throne of the governor' of the Holy Fathers and Confessors.

kissing your right hand and begging powerful fraternal prayers of your Excellency, I remain your brother in Christ.

Metropolitan of Piraeus
+ Seraphim

Translation from the Hellenic
Archimandrite Simeon

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