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26.02.2011. / Diocese of Raska-Prizren

Author of text monk Maximus

Church of the Kingdom of God on earth, that which is and that will come. It is the Kingdom of God nothing but grace, grace-the creative and spasiteljnim, vaskrsiteljnim forces of Christ our God, to whom the Church rests and grace of God the Holy Spirit, the Church sazdaje and grounded in Christ.

That grace, that divine, uncreated energy Svetotrojičnoga God just as God himself who operates them, oprisutnjujući myself just energy, not substance, which is always transcendent.So, the divine energies God is immanent to this world, and its incomprehensible and unknowable essence it is absolutely transcendent. This is vol. Gregory the Theologian says, "I am not certain extent Penetrating sazercavao first and pure nature (ie, substance) that is known only to itself, that is, the Trinity."

By patristic, established definition, and the Gospel tradition and science of the Church, the kingdom of heaven is where God, and God, as we have seen, where they are and its energy, ie. grace. Following this logic, we only then can we properly understand Christ's words: "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven" (Matt. 3, 2).His coming and His presence is in fact the arrival of the Kingdom of Heaven, the mysterious, gracious manner. Accordingly, the Kingdom of Heaven is where the grace of God.Hence the claims of many believers that their hearts simply by entering a monastery, a sanctuary, usually the first thing you notice are the peace, tranquility and indescribable, quiet, unobtrusive and soothing radostotvorna grace. Is not all this predokušaj čuvstvovanje and the Kingdom of Heaven?So, we realized that the grace of God as the very presence of the uncreated God, through His uncreated energies, of course, always hypostatically, ličnosno - specifically, the very eshatologizirajući element. If the manifestation of the Church of the Kingdom of Heaven, is not that eshatologizirajući, ie.ohristovljujući and onebesujući character of divine energy is actually the manifestation of the Church, even at the level of a man, say isihaste hermit, which his molitvenošću revenge his soul, that is.Himself, he sanctifies and all creation around him, and that sanctification and consecration is just oprisutnjenje God Himself Trojičnoga javljenog us the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the icon of God by nature, who is faces and the seal of God the Father, the image of His glory and divinity .All this, despite the vain speculation of modern scholars, why mention this note, it is understood in bogočovečanskoj, blagodatnoj, istinoispovedajućoj and hristoispovedajućoj Church of God.

This is the only proper way to understanding the Church and its limits, because despite the insane and tupoj limitations in understanding of the Church, its reduction to some sort of exclusive liturgical community, and it is exclusive to the community episkopocentričnu, the Church in every place where the mouths of believers, members of the Church of Christ , Orthodoxprayer and confession is God's name, and in every heart of orthodoxy in which "his holy name." That is why the Church is the community, especially those of Godhead, Trojična, which face those God-man, ie. community of God and people, people not only conciliar but also individually.For those who do not themselves ohristovi primarily sacramental, and inseparable from him virtuous, ascetic, and bogočežnjivim samoispravljajućim life sjedinjijući so your mind and your heart, and therefore the whole self, with Christ, be for centuries to be a member of this or that liturgical community, but without his conscious and willing, Which means ascetic, dvižućeg to God, to participate in the work of his, especially personal, and therefore the catholic salvation can commune of the years in the community, and you never find salvation. Church of the Divine cathedral, so in Christ and through Christ.Living Catholic and be a part of that catholicity is not only visit a particular episkopocentričnu, liturgical community, they realize their union with Christ, because only through Christ, in communion with him, the man lives in a true community, primarily with God and with each man individually in Church, the angels and theSaints, that is. with the whole Church, of heaven and Earth. Everything else, outside of this understanding of salvation is empty sociology, because everything is in Orthodox ecclesiology Christology turns into nothing else but a mere sociology and humanistic one, empty.Any other saborovanje communion and that only the Holy Eucharist is reduced to an act of mutual (!) Communion, not primarily and communion with Christ of all, what is needed to exploit vrlinovanja, is deserted humanistic sociology.Each rashristovljena theology is the philosophy of the man, is humanism, the precursor of each of nihilism. In place of ontology in such nehristovoj neohristovljenoj theology and especially ecclesiology, stables worthless sociology.

All this is theological and eucharistic theology called the wrong road.So no wonder its inglorious end this call theology, found nowhere else in the ekumenističkoj heresy, which the artificial sholasticizirani theological system, serves as a path, as a hole made in the Church's theological fence, through which the heresy comes as a thief and a robber sanctified in the Orthodox foldg, patristic, theological reasoning and contemplation.

Those propagating the contemporary eucharistic theology corrupt law and traditional eucharistic theology, neistrgnuto from the bosom of ascetic and overall, the Holy Fathers, test articles, the theology of the Church, the very corrupt and the Divine Liturgy in practice, and so, again and again, confirms what the Gospel "by their fruits You will be knownand ", and it follows that the practice of patristic theology in the rate, ie. the way we live and act, and bogoslovstvujemo.So no wonder that contemporary eucharistic theology distorts blessed liturgical practice and order, as has previously upset blessed liturgical theology, which is an integral part of the overall theological tradition and not to wrest from him, as do contemporary theologians outcast, followers Zizjulasovih heterodox theories about the Liturgy and the Church.

What is the worst in the troubled waters theological dilentantizmu, called eucharistic theology, is that what upset the very foundations of Orthodox ecclesiology, representing the Church and her life in God as some kind of administrative, mechanical automatism in which the Bishop and the Liturgy of the measure of all the Church, even with herme, what is the point of healthy Christological, not eucharistic based, Orthodox ecclesiology unacceptable.This disorder as the ultimate goal is the replacement values and criteria svevečne all in the Church, even its own sake, since He is by nature above it, and that is God-man Christ, who instead offered sinful and frail man.

This is the introduction of antropolatrije, ie.Papism the back door of the church sanctified mind sveotootačkog theology, because any man, however he was a bishop, and the greatest saint, however he always served the liturgy, must not and can not replace the eternal svevrednost and measure everything in the Church and outside it, and which is Christ the God-man, only based on it is the Church "the pillarand the truth "(1 Tim. 3, 15).

It is for this reason, in this humanities foundation, which has no connection, or a foothold in the patristic theological heritage, contemporary, non-Orthodox eucharistic theology is the basis and foundation zloslavnog ecumenism and his main weapon, the so-called."Dialogue of love", "enriched" common molitvovanjem and, alas, the "communion" with heretics, because the essence of the eucharistic theology and ecumenism same, and that is humanism with all its nihilism, and Satanism.

Because of this, we are left to the eucharistic theology say what St.Athanasius the Great said of the terrible heresy of Arius godless: "So that's how they basnoslove, however, the divine teachings and faith in Christ rejects such verbiage as godlessness."

In order to save themselves from the godless and dušegubiteljnog ecumenism, it is necessary to know its poison, and masquerading as pious extinguished and ljubveobilnim "eucharistic theology, which from top to bottom humanized and thus find razbogočovečeno, rashristovljeno, rashristovljujuće and opposed to the church.Keeping up with poison eucharistic, novotarskog theology and all its ungodly liturgical reforms, which are calculated to destroy the Divine Liturgy as the source of Hermits and theosis, we will save ourselves from the worst dangers, which undermines the very foundations of the Holy Church, which is heresy of ecumenism, of whichLet us preserve our Lord, and deliver and that a church, clean.


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