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17.02.2011. / VS

SAF Army Commander Lt. Gen. Ljubisa Dikovic paid an official visit to the United States at the invitation of Commander of the U.S. Armed Forces Army General George Casey.

General Dikovic and the delegation of the Serbian army during their stay in the United States had the opportunity to visit the U.S. Army Command, some of its elite units and centers for training officers and NCOs.

Furthermore, this was an excellent opportunity to get familiar with the organization, tasks, work methods and the necessary resources for the training of units deployed in multinational operations, something the US forces give paramount importance to.

During the talks with General Casey, both sides confirmed good relations and cooperation in in all segments of defense.

The talks primarily focused on intensifying further cooperation especially in those activities that are directly under the competences armies commanders since both generals Dikovic and Casey can personally support and influence the dynamics of their implementation. This primarily pertains to the project of the military base “Jug" and the efforts to turn this base, according to the standards that are recognized as the best in the world, and with the help and support of colleagues from America into a regional center for training units for the participation in multinational operations.

Also, special attention was paid to cooperation in the State Partnership Program where both sides expressed satisfaction with the results of bilateral military cooperation and while stressing their commitment to intensify cooperation in the future mainly through training officers and NCOs in the military educational institutions of the United States and Serbia, as well as joint exercises and training, exchange of unit and other.

General Dikovic’s stay in America was an opportunity to meet with the newly appointed commander of the Ohio National Guard (ONG), Brigadier General Deborah Ashenhurst

During his visit, SAF Army Commander LTG Dikovic laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at the Arlington military cemetery in Washington.

General Dikovic met and talked with members of the Serbian MoD and General Staff currently at studies in the United States as well as with the representatives of the Serbian media in the U.S. as a guest in an open studio "Voice of America” broadcast at the territory of Serbia.



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