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Case of Bojana Isakovic vorbidden photo - exhibition in England

The pictures they don't want you to see ! ( British government ) 


This three-year old Serbian boy was shot dead while hiding in the cellar at 72 Nikola Demonja Street. His mother and father, Sladana and Miroslav Cecavac, were also killed

This photograph was seized from Saudi Arabian fighters captured in Crni Vrh near Teslic, Bosnia. A Muslim soldier displays the severed head of Blagoje Blagojevic, a Serb from the village of Jasenove
 near Teslic

Serbians womens after masacers in Croatien


Mira Kalanj, a Serbian civilian from Gospic in Croatia, was killed and burned by Croatian forces between 16 and 18 October 1991. Her husband, Duro, was machine-gunned in the back and then burned


     Kosovo : KLA bullet in the serbians heads


                                          Serbians civiliens in Croatien


Stipo Kraljevic took this photograph of his fellow Croatian Ustashe soldiers with the severed head of a Serbian villager from Ivanjska near Banja Luka 

                                      Mudhahedines with serbian soldiers heads

   A Serbian girl, suffocated to death in PVC and stuffed in a  mechanic's pit,
Borovo-naselje - Croatien, November 1991

Ustashe on the dead work

As Croatian forces withdrew from Vukovar on 15 and 16 November 1991, they dragged Serbian civilians from the cellars where they were hiding, and massacred them. These Serbs were axed to death in a courtyard, after being dragged from the cellar at 74 Nikola Demonja Street in Borovo-naselje, near Vukovar


                                            KLA Soldiers with two serbian heads


                                     KLA soldiers and one serbian civilian




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