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13.02.2011. /  
Source Serbian Government

Serbian citizens’ interest in professional military service has increased

Minister of Defence Dragan Sutanovac stated on Wednesday that Serbian citizens’ interest in professional military service has increased.

Speaking at a promotion of a “Serbian Army” monograph, Sutanovac stressed that several days after the public call for voluntary military service was announced, the Army received applications by two time more candidates than it needs.

He noted that NATO’s decision that Serbia should host one of the major military gatherings in June, to which 69 delegations have been invited, is a huge recognition of the Serbian Army and the state.

Sutanovac explained that a summit of NATO chiefs of general staff will be held in June, adding that delegations from countries members of the NATO alliance and the Partnership for Peace Programme will be attending the gathering.

This will be an opportunity to affirm Serbia’s military capacity, as well as its ability to organise a gathering of this size, he noted.

Sutanovac said that Serbia is still interested in procuring aircrafts from Bosnia-Herzegovina on the same model of purchase as the one applied with Montenegro.

Speaking about the monograph, Sutanovac underlined that it was composed to meet the need to present the Serbian Army to the domestic and international public with a publication of this type, comprising all that has been done and things that are yet to be conducted.

The defence system reform was successful and the Serbian Army has been globally recognised as an army of peace and partnership, the Minister said, adding that cadets and officers from a number of countries are being educated in Serbia.

Monograph’s reviewer Brigadier General Mitar Kovac said that the monograph is very up-to-date and important for the Serbian defence system and the Army.

Chief of the Serbian Army General Staff Lieutenant-General Miloje Miletic and a number of guests also attended the promotion of the monograph, whose authors are state secretaries of defence Zoran Vesic and Dusan Babac.

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