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Beta / 06.02.2011.

Democratic Party leader Boris Tadic, at a ceremony marking the party's 21st anniversary on Feb. 3, said the party was a national institution that would never abandon the objective of creating a free and progressive Serbia.

"We always get up after we fall... We will always be there when things are at their worst, because that is the fate and mission of the Democratic Party," Tadic said after the presentation of a book on the Democratic Party by party MP Gorica Mojovic.

The president of the Democratic Party and Serbia added that the party he is heading was never in power during good times, but that its members should always be there when necessary, regardless.

Tadic went on to say that the former prime minister and party leader, Zoran Djindjic, was assassinated because of the idea on which the party had been created, and that other party presidents had also risked their lives and freedom.

According to him, there are not too many politicians on Serbia's political scene who were ready to make the greatest sacrifice for their ideas, like those from the Democratic Party.

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