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Serbianna / Jan 9, 2011

EU’s law mission to Kosovo, the EULEX, has the capacity to investigate the Albanian organ trading but whether it actually investigates is a matter of fear, said Serbia’s war crimes prosecutor Bruno Vekaric.

“We have a superb relations with EULEX… they [investigate] much better then the UN, but after the statement by Hashim Thaci that he will reveal the names of individuals that are witnesses who helped Marty, it is question how EULEX will react, will it be brave,” said Vekaric.

A recently published Council of Europe report authored by Dick Marty names Albanian Hashim Thaci as the chief mastermind and boss of organ extraction as well as heroin, weapons and female slavery.

Despite the facts of the report, US State Department said that it stands behind Thaci.

“Organ trading in Kosovo is a crime that has to be investigated to the end, and all politics falls in the water because no serious politics will stand behind a monster who was pulling out human organs,” said Vekaric.

Vekaric said that his office has sufficient evidence that suggests that a war crime occurred and that his office is ready for cooperation.

“If we were to work as one team, Serbian, Albanian, Kosovo prosecutors and EULEX, if we were to forget some differences among us, I guarantee that we would achieve results,” said Vekaric about the most optimal approach to the organ trade investigation.

Vekaric said that after the EU Parliamentary meeting on the Albanian organ trade, a committee under some international authority should have been formed to oversee the investigation in Kosovo.

Yesterday, some 500 ethnic Albanians took to the streets of Kosovska Mitrovica to protest against Dick Marty. Some of the protesters were former members of the Albanian terror group the KLA and they were chanting KLA and held Albanian banners.

Swiss daily Le Temps reports that Hashim Thaci created the KLA in Switzerland and that in 1998 Swiss authorities initiated an investigation of certain Kosovo Albanians for weapons smuggling, violation of territorial sovereignty abroad, hostility and involvement in a criminal organization.

“There were rumors that the KLA leaders were collecting money from heroin smuggling to buy military weapons which was intended for Kosovo,” Le Temps writes.

The paper also quotes military strategy expert, Professor Albert Stahel who remembered Thaci as a “very cautious student”.

“He took my classes on mujahidin war in Afghanistan. He used their combat mechanisms for his own war,” Stahel told the paper.

Le Temps says that Thaci was closely monitored by intelligence agencies of several European countries and because of organizing murders of his rivals Thaci went back to Kosovo.

Le Temps notes that Switzerland was among the first countries to recognize Kosovo as an independent state.

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