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The Voice of Rusia / 30.12.2010.

Iskanderov Pyotr Dec 30, 2010

The Serbian “Politika” newspaper claims that the incumbent Prime Minister of Albania, Saly Berisha was the leader of a gang of arms smugglers to Kosovo in the 1990s-adding to the serious accusations contained in the report by Dick Marty, which he wrote for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, PACE, in which he asserted that the cabinet head of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci was at the head of a group which committed heinous crimes against humanity, including the selling of human organs.

Another Serbian paper, “Bliz” has called on the Hague Tribunal to look into the behaviour of Soren Jessen-Petersen, former chief of the UN mission in Kosovo, who provided a cover for the criminals. Berisha calls the accusation by “Politika” a libel and a part of the anti-Albania hysterics orchestrated by Dick Marty, while Thaci calls PACE’s assertion a “political pamphlet prepared in Serbia, with the blessing of Russia”.

2010 is coming to a close in the Balkans against the backdrop of such a high profile scandal, and Mr. Iskenderov believes that the New Year promises to be rich in new political time bombs.

It should have been foreseen that the Dicjk Marty’s report will give rise to the trading of accusations by the various political players in the Balkans. For too long, the world mass media painted a rather glossy picture of events in Kosovo and around it. But after the International Court ruled in July that the Kosovo Unilateral Declaration of Independence-UDI did not violate the basic principle of international law, the U.S. and the EU saw their major task in the organization of talks between Serbia and the Kosovo rulers. Hashim Thaci hurried to use a snap election to strengthen his position.

There are different views about why PACE has decided to go public with the serious accusations against the Kosovo leaders. Some people believe that Thaci has become too independent for the liking of his

Western mentors, and also that he is to be made a sacrificial lamb to appease Belgrade in order to save the Kosovo game. It is not surprising that Mr. Marty, Serbia and Russia have called on the appropriate international institutions to carefully investigate the accusations in the report of Dick Marty.

The issue is not in the individuals accused. The revelations explain the atmosphere of fear under which Serbs have been living for a long time, says Elena Guskova of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute for Slavoniic studies.

Serbs are living in an enclave in Kosovo, fenced round with barb-wire ,and they can only move around accompanied by NATO soldiers. They are hemmed in on all sides by Albanians, and Dick Marty’s report did not reveal anything new to them and about them, Guskova says.

The attempt to blame Russia for the revelations in Marty’s report is untenable; Carla del Ponte, the former prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal, who first wrote about all this in her memoir and Dick Marty, who has compiled the latest report about Kosovo and South Ossetia and other regions are not sympathizers of Russia.

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