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Voice of Russia / Dec. 23, 2010

The dust raised by the report of Dick Marty to the Council of Europe, pertaining to the situation in Kosovo, has settled a bit but the storm has not dissipated. After two years of investigations, Dick Marty concluded that the head of the Kosovo government, Hashim Thaci is the leader of a criminal group which smuggles weapons and drugs and even human organs. Kosovo has been investigated before, but the investigations had been half-hearted and not pursued to their logical conclusions. In her memoir, the former prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal for former Yugoslavia, Carla de Ponte wrote about the crimes committed by leaders of the former so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, and Mr. Marty has confirmed in his report the findings of Carla de Ponte.

Dick Marty’s report is not a sensation. In the 90s of the 20th century, the Kosovo Liberation Army, masquerading as a freedom fighting organization, was regarded as a criminal group in Europe, but Western countries backed it for political reasons with Western Germany supplying members of the Army with uniforms and arms. This is what Victor Nadein-Rayevsky had to say on the West’s policy of turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed by the Kosovo Liberation Army:

"In 2005, the German secret service found out that Kosovo had become the drugs distribution center in Europe; three powerful laboratories for the processing of cocaine were discovered in the province, and a clandestine route for the steady flow of opium puppies from Afghanistan was established. The mafia syndicate was supplying up to 80 per cent of hard drugs to Europe and 100 per cent to Switzerland. According to the British Guardian newspaper, Hashim Thaci was the boss of the criminal group, which began operating in 1999, and which now rules Kosovo openly."

Dick Marti is shocked that Western secret services and diplomats knew about the level of criminality in Kosovo, but that their governments chose to sweep the information under the carpet. Why has the Council of Europe decoded to go public with Marti’s report now? There are several answers to that poser. Probably, Western states are fed up with the leaders of the province since the favourite of the West has become an enfant terrible and has become a source of shame to Western countries, which pride themselves as the moral conscience of the world. Perhaps there is a desire among Western states to sanitize their creation and to direct the fire of criticism away from it.

It is too early to write off Hashim Thaci; he has just been re-elected prime minister of the province-probably helped by his Western godfathers.

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