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Chief librarian of the Jewish community in Zagreb, Julia Kos, appealed to the Croatian authorities to change the language and invectives they use to describe the Croat-run WWII death camp in Jasenovac.

“The basic problem is that it withholds important facts. The historical reality is portrayed euphemistically and by manipulating the facts creates a lie about the reality,” said Kos.

Goes Kos about Croatia’s misleading idyllic description of the life in the death camp: “prisoners spent their ‘free time’ by making figures from clay, smoking, that they ‘wrote’ to their families and friends, wrote poetry and food recipe books.”

German Nazis described the Jasenovac death camp to be unbearably brutal and worse then any of their death camps that they managed.

“Extermination of Serbs, for example, is short and totally euphemistically described as a museum legend… Organizers and the most notorious Ustasa executioners of the atrocities are portrayed neutrally on the border of respect as statesmen, public servants and ‘leaders of the working service’ and not as the war criminals,” said Kos.

Kos notes that the females that were raped at the camp are referred to prostitutes and criminals, that the slave labor is claimed to have been conducted willingly by the prisoners, that the platform from which Serbs and Jews were massively murdered is referred to as a “travel across Sava”…


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