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World famous Serbian film director Emir Kusturica held a press conference at his hotel Sunday morning announcing his withdrawal from this year’s jury of the Golden Orange Film Festival in Antalya, saying protests against his inclusion reflected “barbarism and primitiveness.” Kusturica, who was the target of protests from various Turkish groups that claimed he supported the Serbian genocide of Muslims in Bosnia, said: “It is known that I am an anti-imperialist. This is the point of my life and work. Such reactions are always meaningless to me. The thing I fought for was united Yugoslavia. Approaches before and after the war should be evaluated according to this.”

A group gathered Sunday morning in front of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality’s building to protest Kusturica’s inclusion in the Golden Orange festival, leaving a black wreath in front of the building.

Protestors included Nationalist Movement Party, or MHP, Provincial Chairman Adnan Kaya and members of the Turkish Bosnia-Herzegovina Cultural Associations Federation, the Hurriyet reported.


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