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Thousands have come out in downtown Belgrade to protest plans to hold a pride gathering of homosexuals who plan to march Sunday.

Protesters have clashed with the police resulting in 95 injuries, reported police. Police has said that 78 officers have also been injured in fights.

Smoke at the Democratic Party

Protesters have hurled stones at the government owned TV building. The building of the ruling Democratic Party has also been set on fire by the protesters.

Protesters say they support religion and traditional family values.

Western media has dubbed the march of homosexuals as Serbia’s test of democracy. Critics say that homosexual march has nothing to do with democracy.

“They are telling us that if homosexuals do not march on streets then we are not a democracy. They are telling us that if we support traditional family then we are not democracy but a tyrannical country and that is a lie,” said one protester.

The U.S. Embassy in Belgrade has said there is a high potential for violence before, during and after the march and has strongly recommended that its personnel avoid the downtown area that day.

The protest then degenerated into hooliganism with groups targeting storefronts for robbing.

Police is still on the streets attempting to mop up pockets of hooliganism.

Serbian Orthodox Church on Friday condemned violence against homosexuals and it opposes the march.

“Violence does not cure or defeat evil, only helps spread it,” the Holy Synod said in a statement.

Police is saying that the homosexual march was just an excuse for organizing violence.

October 10, 2010

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