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An ethnic Serb has died in the hospital in Gracanica after the patient could not call for emergency care because the ethnic Albanian separatists have blown up telecommunication towers owned by Serbian companies. The 76 year old ethnic Serb man from the village of Laplje Selo was trying to call for emergency help after suffering a heart attack but could not reach anyone because the ethnic Albanian separatists have blown up the telecommunications tower.

The man’s daughter then went to the Gracanica ambulance station seeking help for her father.

The doctors from the Gracanica brought the man from his house to their ambulance but valuable time has elapsed and the man went into a coma and died.

Doctors from Gracanica believe that the man could have been saved if care was given to him in timely manner.

Ethnic Serb enclaves in Kosovo are deliberately targeted for a black out by the ethnic Albanian separatists who are blowing up towers that provide the telecommunications services to these enclaves.

The telecommunication equipment such as antennas and towers are being bombed or hit with rocket launchers by “unknown assailants”.

The equipment is private property of corporations domiciled in Belgrade.

President of Serbia has characterized the deliberate destruction of Serbian property as “provocative” and has done nothing about it.

Doctors from the Gracanica hospital are noting the irony that the man’s death occurred on the World Health Day.


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