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September 20, 2010 – 4:45 am Washington once tinkered with a possibility of bombing the studios of Al Jazeera network for its forays into Islamic terrorist propaganda but for the Bosnian Muslims this controversial TV network is a welcome news, probably not just financially.

Sure, Al Jazeera infused about $1.5 million into a failing Bosnian Muslim TV station that called itself Independent Television 99 but the additional $13 million in upgrades would create a premium Islamic propaganda infrastructure in times when the Balkans is set to move into the EU.

Al Jazeera is accepting applications for the chief of its Balkan network and plans to employ 100 people of which about 40 will be reporters from the region.

The network published an ad in Sarajevo saying that “Al-Jazeera Balkans will be a leader in providing high quality news and current affairs… in the region, and will have offices throughout the Balkans and bureaus in key locations worldwide”.

Al Jazeera may indeed have hard time in convincing ethnic Serbs to stay tuned for the broadcast of the latest burka fashion show like the one above but given that Al Jazeera is Osama bin Laden’s preferred venue for voicing his terrorist opinions, the network will have a very easy task at immediately capturing the eyelids of all Bosnian Muslims and Muslim Albanians in Kosovo needy for someone to tell them of pleasantries of cloaking their females.

On the other hand, Al Jazeera may be yet another Islamic institution that Washington can use to carp at the Serbs claiming their supposed lack of tolerance even while US troops dropped a 500-pound bomb on the studios of TV station al-Jazeera in Afghanistan.

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