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Serbian Army is introducing new military uniforms and to end the year about 8,500 of its members will get new features. Job worth three million euros received public company "Jumko," which is the only manufacturer of uniforms from local materials.

Members of the security zone will be the first to get a modern, contemporary camouflage uniform, and promote zastavni squad today the promotion of Lieutenant cadets 130th i 131. and 131st class of Serbian Military Academy.

- The year of the crisis we have managed to solve this problem and to the order of the Minister of Defence, start equipping the Army of Serbia in the new uniforms, which is a great success. Selecting the local state enterprises for producers Ministry of Defence continues to support local industry. The plan for the equipping of a new model of uniform, I believe that they will be the end of next year have all military personnel - said for "Blic" Elijah Pilipovic, Deputy Minister of Defence.

The production is entrusted to the domestic manufacturer and this is a preparation for future performance in the world market, given the fact that until 1998. The "Jumko/Yumco" produced uniforms for the German, Italian, French and Spanish army. At that time owned and licensed the Bundeswehr, the German army, and were one of the leading equipment manufacturers in the European armies. Today, made garments to the Austrian army.

The basic requirement was that no uniform hampers movement and provide maximum functionality, to follow modern trends, and to be in the spirit of tradition.

Uniform which will be manufactured for the Army of Serbia shall be a material which will also produce "Jumko" according to the formula and the Military Technical Institute Technical Testing Center. Its durability and functionality was also investigated in the special load more than 40 pounds of equipment on long routes by 40 kilometers.

Dedicated and functional, designed for urban and extreme conditions, provided with 14 pieces of clothing, from underwear to military windproof layer, is planned for the troops to sustain these efforts.

Uniform designed for the most extreme conditions

The final formula of materials has been established after lengthy analysis and laboratory testing. Endurance material is examined in chambers at temperatures of minus 30 to plus 50 degrees and subjected to analysis of deformation. Every detail of uniforms, the level of flammable shoelaces on their boots and vents on the drops and other parts of uniforms, carefully analyzed and subjected to strict quality checks.. Strict requirements apply to the quality of the built-in auxiliary materials: thread, buttons, zipper. All jackets and pants also have hidden pockets of the exact purpose, even if it is a gap of only a centimeter.

Believe it or not, but the real science in the making, there is a layer vetrovke. Its outer part is waterproof and if you spill a glass of water, it is razlivao as a living, but despite this capacity, the inner part, composed of highly non reflective material, provides a breath of the skin, and has ventilation holes.

All in all, members of the VS will heve brand new uniforms, digital patterns that are used by most developed armies. Camouflage design is protected, it will not be in free float, even write-offs will be destroyed.


Serbian digital pattern M-10

Uniform Type(s): Full Line including paints, jacket, coveralls, helmet cover, hats, combat vests, shirts, back packs, shelters…
Uses: Official Serbian Army Work/field, combat pattern
Description: Digital pattern adapted to the environment and the Serbian translation of photo images from the air in all four seasons without snow cover. The colors are very similar or same as Serbian trial version pattern m-03. (Crème, Brown, Black, Light and dark green).
Notes: Years of Use: Officially* presented on Saturday, September 11th of 2010.


Created by: the Serbian Military Technical Institute and technical center in the experiment measuring the effects of visible, ultraviolet and infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum.


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