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Leader of a Serbian group in Kosovo has said that Kosovo Serbs will seek Russian citizenship if Serbia agrees to the EU brokered UN Resolution in which it will abdicate its sovereignty over Kosovo.

“If that resolution gets accepted and Serbia’s President Tadic accepts it without the agreement from Russia, we will initiate a drive to have the Russian citizenship granted to Serbs in Kosovo because Russia knows how to shield its citizens no matter where they live,” said Milan Ivanovic, leader of the Serbian National Committee for the Northern Kosovo.

Ivanovic says that his group has received strong guarantees from the Russian Federation that they will not vote for the resolution in which Kosovo “independence” is accepted.

Media in Serbia have reported that sometimes today Serbia will agree to the language of the UN Resolution that the EU demands.

It is expected that the new language will not mention the status of Kosovo and analysts say that the absence of a status clause on Kosovo in an official international legal document will be a legal abdication of Serbia’s sovereignty over that province which will pave the wave for all countries in the world to recognize Kosovo separatists.

Former leader of Kosovo Serbs, Rada Tarajkovic, said that Serbia does not have to recognize Kosovo and that any agreement with the EU on the language would represent “capitulation” that is tantamount to recognition of Kosovo’s independence.

“We can’t capitulate 100 times,” said Trajkovic and said that Serbia’s President Tadic has capitulated on Kosovo many times before which is an implicit recognition of Kosovo.

In a move towards Belgrade’s explicit recognition, French Ambassador to Serbia, Jean Francois Terral, told Serbian media yesterday that Kosovo is Serbia’s “neighbor” and that Serbia must “normalize” its relations with its neighbors as a one of criteria for its EU membership.

Analysts say that an explicit recognition of Kosovo by Belgrade will be made as one of the EU conditions to Serbia only later.

Terral said that the speed with which Serbia will join the EU will depend of the speed and the “rhythm” with which Serbia acquiesces to EUs demands.

September 8, 2010


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