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A rival Muslim group in Serbia’s city of Novi Pazar was stoning the police because, the group claims, the city authorities have “usurped” the property that belongs to the Islamic center.

A group of Muslims loyal to the Mufti of Muamar Zukorlic hurled rocks at the police injuring 4 officers and several other protesters. Muslims loyal to Zukorlic have engaged in other acts of violence against another rival Muslim group that believes they are primal leaders of Muslims in Serbia.

After stoning the police, protesters then blocked off the section of the city but half hour later they removed the roadblocks.

Mufti Zukorlic says that the city wants to build a kindergarten on property that belongs to the Islamic Community that was confiscated by the communists after the WWII.

The mayor of the city, Sulejman Nicevic, also a Muslim, says that the city borough purchased the property in 1982 and it has a title.

Another Mufti from Novi Sad, Reshad Plojevic, seen on the left, succeeded in talking the believers to peacefully go home until Monday when new “negotiations” on the issue will resume.

Zukorlic’s men have been involved in other acts of violence.

A man described as the “first ring of security” for Zukorlic attacked a school principal after Plojevic, who is Zukorlic’s right hand, stormed into a school demanding that two of the teachers be relieved from teaching religious classes.

Elvedin T. whacked the principal Ahmedin Djerlek in the groin between the legs. Plojevic says that he did not witness the attack.

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